Running Clothes: 5 Amazing Tips to Dress Up Well

To run and have the possibility to achieve the best performances, besides having a proper training plan, good sports advice and a proper diet is necessary that we have the correct running clothes, so that we can carry out the movements with ease and total freedom.

What better clothes to run??

In addition to fashion issues, the clothing chosen for the training can directly influence the runner’s performance.

Currently there are many brands and options of fabrics for sportswear and many of them are concerned with the design and aesthetics of the pieces.

That is why there are options for all tastes and pockets and no doubt you will find the best running clothes.

Have a technical shirt.

You do not have to despair.Running clothes do not have to be extremely expensive or high tech.

They are shirts that most often use polyester as raw material.

Almost always they weigh little and the most important factor to have one: they are much more transpirable than cotton shirts and that is why they are more comfortable, but stay tuned, because there are people who are allergic to this type of fabric.

It does not matter if you are starting out and decide to start with simpler, cheaper t-shirts.

Since you can use them only in your first few miles, and do not be concerned, when you’re really fit for a race pace and start competing, you’ll naturally win a lot of them.

It is common for experienced racers to not give you enough space to store so much clothing to run.

It is important to remember that just as there are options for hot climates, there are also clothing specific to runners from colder regions.

No problem at all if you prefer to wear fabrics like the mesh.

Many runners prefer running pants, and among those who do not compete this is even more common.What weighs is with the knits makes the sweat marks more apparent.

In winter it is common for knitwear to be the most chosen option, so as not to get cold, and many believe that they are more comfortable and the purpose of the clothes in the race is this: to be comfortable and to feel at ease as we run.

Shorts also matter.

Even though it does not seem so relevant the best is also to wear shorts and pants techniques to run.

Ideally, they should not be coarse (unless you use them in mountain runs or in very cold weather).The most important, it is worth repeating, is that you feel comfortable and comfortable.

What about underwear?

This is a more delicate issue for female runners. Since most shorts for men already come with in-built underwear.

The ideal is to use looser and loose parts and forget even the aesthetic issues.

What’s good for all sexes is: if you have a problem with leg rashes, it’s best to use specific racing parts that can be worn with a shortstop to make you feel more at ease.

Accessories: use the minimum.

Do not use anything that might bother you while you do the activity.

Many necklaces and bracelets tend to be a nuisance during the journey.The ideal is to use only one watch (as it has the function of marking your workout) and small and light earrings.

Nowadays almost everyone trains with the cell phone (due to the issue of applications, timers and GPS), so it is worth investing in specific cases for the device during the race.

And on the feet ?!

The socks are also an important element that would allow us to run without discomfort on our feet.

The ideal is to choose lighter and thinner fabrics that allow the perspiration and ventilation of your feet.Avoid wearing very thick socks, which we are accustomed to in our day-to-day life.

The choice of sneakers is a case in point, because it is the most important element in sportswear.

The choice must take into account several factors and the most important of them is the type of footfall of each athlete.I have already written about choosing the ideal sneakers.

Did you like the tips?Now there is no excuse for you not to dress well for your physical activity!

And do not forget to leave your impression in the comments!

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