Scarf Giveaway: Your Favorite Outfits and 3 Lucky Winners

With product placement – I want with some strong, stylish women including her outfit today imagine scarf: the participants in the Christmas draw “My favorite scarf styling”. See what outfits have sent the readers of fashion Whisperer to the competition in the photo gallery! I’m proud of every single Einsenderin – because the hurdle for the participation was high. But also the price could let themselves see: three wonderful, luxurious cashmere silk scarves by Who has won? Also today, this secret will be revealed.

My offer: Swap outfit with scarf against luxury scarf!

It was an experiment: how many readers of the fashion Whisperer would probably willing, your favorite outfit with scarf on the blog to publish? The price was hot: three luxurious scarves by from cashmere and silk were ready for the raffle. But also the hurdle for participation in the competition was high: you had to consider a suitable outfit and a pleasing pose for the photo and find a willing photographer. You had to be agree that your outfit photo is published here on the blog and also your address. And the whole thing took place even in the busy run-up to Christmas!

How many readers would have the courage to show up?

Honestly? I was very skeptical about whether it would be able to motivate you under these conditions to join. I am all the more pleased that my secret desire number of participants has been exceeded. Because about 20 readers could believe her outfit end up, with scarf on the blog to show. Among them are some of my blogger colleagues, who are used to provide the public with their outfits and whose support the action I have pleased very. But there are also readers of fashion Whisperer in which usually not present themselves on the Internet. I am very grateful that you have given me your trust and dared this step!

And I am very happy that in this way a gallery of scarf outfits which shows one thing above all: for everyday use! Because all Einsenderinnen present outfits, which they’re obviously comfortable and which they are really often. Some of the participants have even expressly assured me and I find: that’s to see the photos too! It confirmed for me: readers of the fashion Whisperer are just no fashion doll, but strong women who stand in the middle of life. Wonderful!

Gallery: Your favorite outfits with matching scarf

And here they are now, with scarf the brave, strong and stylish women (with a click on an individual photo the photo opens slightly larger in the browser, if you want):

The sound is what makes the outfit: style ideas and mini-trends

I find it interesting the outfit collection that has come together in this way. I have noticed is mainly:

  • Dominate outfits with basic colors and a small pinch of coloured liveliness. Such color compositions always succeed and can be put together for every occasion.
  • The patterns of scarves are extremely versatile, with a mini trend to the plaid scarf. But Leo pattern , wintery Norwegian motifs, stripes and floral designsare as well such as solid pieces. It seems that women would live out their color and patterns preferences especially for scarves full. That’s smart: because nothing can be so easily to desire and mood vary like a scarf!
  • An amazing variety is reflected also in the materials: everything from cuddly knitsover delicate silk up to rabbit fur is offered. You see: every woman has their favorite texture. This is all the more important because a scarf near his face is worn.
  • Also at the winding techniques, there is a mini trend: the scarf or the cloth is placed like front around the neck, crossed in the neck and front worn over the chest with the loose ends or knotted there.
  • Scarves are perfect to give an outfit from timeless basics the ultimate style statement. You see the shown outfits, jeans, sweater, white blouses, black trousers and classic Blazer and a few jackets and Coat classic. Whether the wearer is a sporty-natural woman, a sensuous cat, a luxury Lady or a secret romantic – check out scarf the and know!
  • In this small selection of outfit, there are plenty of different styles: whether sporty casual or creative, colorful, classic or Rocky, elegant or sexy, modern or a bit retro – a scarf just fits to all outfits.
  • Nice, I also find that the action women of all ages have come together. Not to expect the Ü40 ladies are with her scarf styling in the majority. But younger readers appreciate scarf style-check accessory quite the.

The raffle: 3 cashmere silk shawls for you!

In the draw received every Einsenderin that einsandte a valid photo along with mandatory, per a lot number. All lots have been collected in my Black Box. My husband acted as my good luck Angel and pulled three tickets out of the box. And here, the three lucky winners must now be pleased about a luxury plush scarf are:

The winners of the luxury scarves

Lot # 015 – Monika

Lot # 016 – gunda

Lot # 024 – Olga

Congratulations and much pleasure with your new cuddle partner!

The winners were already notified by email and they will receive sound their personal until Christmas by All other participants will be hopefully not too disappointed. Because your photo remains here in the Gallery, get – as proof that you are not only a very stylish, but also a courageous woman.

And we’re already at the end of this year’s Christmas raffle. I certainly hope that my small scarf-outfit action made fun you whether you now have participated or were as silent observer while. For me, the drawing was a way to thank you: for your loyalty, your confidence and for the exchanges with you, which makes me always pleasure.

Thank you so much and have a nice Christmas for you!

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