Sports Shoes: Tips to Create Amazing Productions

One day, two very influential brands in the fashion world have decided that the sports tennis was a great combination for any type of clothing. Chanel and Dior have integrated the model to the parades and campaigns of the spring/summer of 2014 and of course, this trend took.

Today the sneakers, which before was saved for the Academy, get out of the closet to go to work, for a walk and why not for the night? Mixtures of clothes and sneakers allow everything and who risk everything for that combination, certainly a modern image and cool.


With this trend of incorporating tennis day by day, some brands have launched models more discreet and delicate than the “traditional”, mostly changing the sole, taking the shocks, leaving the image of tennis a little heavier, but keeping the clipping and visual sporty.

There is the question: should bet on any kind of sports shoes to wear or just those that are more discreet?

Anything goes! For sure. The important thing is to choose a shoe that matches you. Of course the heaviest models, striking and colorful, are more difficult to match, but not cease to be good. The tip in this case and bet in neutral tones with these models, so the shoes stand out and you don’t make mistakes in the production.

A touch more

The combination sneakers and jeans is a classic and you don’t need a lot of description. Here, what has changed with this new trend is that you can incorporate a third piece more structured to look like a blazer, and still be well dressed. Or, opt for a more social and make the combination. Worth playing with the formal/informal and create a visual bereaved.

After jeans, shorts is a piece that was already used with tennis before this trend. Together they create a visual quiet, good for casual activities. What changes is basically the same thing, a more structured piece which can be built in, breaking the casualty’s look.

Mixing styles

Two pieces that really changed the use of tennis in everyday life were the skirts and dresses. These clothes have always been accompanied by more delicate shoes like sandals, sneakers, boots or shoes that were not closed. But that’s changed.

To compose a look skirt and sneakers, it’s worth trying to combine the two pieces. Are both of a color or have similar tones, this will help assemble the visual with more ease. Here is worth any kind of skirt, from short to long or midi models.

The dress also has very secret, the combination of tones and colors. A slinky dress with sneakers gets stripped and air a broader dress with sneakers breaks the visual romantic clothes. It’s worth a try.

Of course to opt for this style, you have to be open to a visual nothing “uptight”. Everything will depend on what you like, but it’s always nice to know you have that option. What do you think?

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