Tips To Make Travel Bag

Since I made the change here, a lot of people asked me to do a post on suitcases. Then, as the voice of the people is the voice of God, here we are. When we decided to embark on this journey gringa, Californian homi talked a lot about what agent would take with us. We had a House. One piece. Montadinha. But we decided it wasn’t worth his time to bring that much stuff with us, that what we really needed was the courage and each other. And we decided it would be fun to start again, from scratch. So we left much of our furniture in the apartment (which was rented) and sell most beloved lindezinhas of decoration on Sick (once it takes of my home shop comes on Thursday!).

Still, had the locker. And get rid of him was too much. But it was too much and we had agreed that each would be entitled to three bags.And that’s it. So, there goes the girl here trying to make it fit.

It was in this process (painful) I learned the tricks that I will share with you here today. They serve not only to who’s moving bag and baggage, then if you have travel for the next vacation, cata pen and paper and write it down.

  1. Check How Much You Can Actually Take
    National, international, even the airline or the price of your ticket could mean limits on quantity and weight of their baggage (including hand). So before you think about what goes into the bag, check how many you can take and what the weight limit.

For example, I had to buy a new bag to make the change. In choosing, I chose not to get the maiorzona of all because if I let her full, she would surpass the 32-pound limit for the trip. I chose the second greater than, full, was with 30 pounds. So, I knew I would go over the limit and would not have to pay for excess weight.

That being said, here’s the tricks to make it fit and nothing to break.

  1. Do Not Fold The Clothes
    Seriously, that’s what solved my life.There are a lot of people packing the clothes the vacuum to save space.But I confess that I am not as organised as well, so I had to get my way.

Instead of folding, place each piece stretched in the trunk. Start with the heavier and you don’t knead and then go for the lighter and with more amassáveis. But everything stretch, one on top of the other and go folding the pieces that are left out. Trust me, it’s easy and saves space, the secret is loooong bend as little as possible.

  1. Do Not Bend The Panties Too

You know when you’re doing bag and tuck the panties until they are well little ones and then you put it in a bag and Pack in a corner of the bag? So, I suggest taking a different tact. Each double panties ends up occupying an area greater than if she was estiradinha. So, you can keep the bag, but get your panties inside it all estiradinhas.

  1. Use Bags More Runny To Hold The Bijoux
    I have a lot of bijoux I love passion and I am concern when I keep the sissies in the trunk crushed.So don’t risk anything break in the kneading of a bag, I keep the more fragile in my clutches more runny.And everyone is safe and protected.
  1. Wear Shoes To Protect Glasses
    I don’t have hard to keep all the boxes glasses and, with the covers squishy, I worried them stay dents in the trunk.For that (and to save space), I put the glasses (within its squishy boxes), in socks and then in more closed shoes.So, they were twice as protected (and arrived here intact:-).
  1. Make A Fine Filter To All You Have Before You Go
    That goes for everything.I sold a lot of House, but also sold a lot of clothes.But where the filter was more drastic was in beauty products. Moisturizers, shampoo and dry … makeup. I had to be honest with myself and accept that much of what was there wasn’t there being used.

Share everything you haven’t worn in four bags and scheduled a dinner with best friends. Each won a bag and was happy as a clam. And I rode my travel toiletry bag with things that I absolutely loved.

  1. Wrap Scarves And Turbans To Fit Remaining Spaces
    Always have a corner that was left.Between a shoe and the other, or on the side of the jewel case.Always has. Wrap scarves (and even thin camisetinhas) and use to fill every bit of your precious handbag.

I know, it may seem like a bunch of stupid tip, but, for me, made much of a difference. So, on your next trip, try here! And if you have any more tips, comments down here!

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