Trendy Tote Bag Pattern

Here’s what the tote bag of autumn winter 2015-2016 in: trends more fashionistas to models must have of the season, we discover together the most interesting proposals and interpretations the coolest spot on the catwalk and already available in-store.

Tote bag, which is the right compromise for those who need a large day bag but it’s not a shopper. A model you can wear under any circumstances and to take to the Office without any problem, with a volume that is able to accommodate folders and documents to take with you.

In the beginning were quite functional and economic exchanges, often made with waste materials or recycling; Subsequently, given the success of this model in practice fell in the hands of big names in fashion that there was treated to a variety of interpretations and endless variations. So the advantage of the tote bag is that besides being comfortable is very stylish too, in short, the perfect day bag that wishing we could also wear for a casual evening or for an appointment after work. Thus we discover together what are the most beautiful tote bag of autumn winter 2015-2016, models must each season’s fashion addicted wants to own and collect.

Animal print trend

Never go out of style, never exaggerated, unless you screw up the look with a matching its not guessed, the tote animal print now is a real must have for the wardrobe, to wear at all times of the day and to take without any limitation, but of common sense and good taste. You can show off even in the Office, possibly combined with a total black or in General to a total look, but unless absolutely animal prints. Leopard, spotted or striped, the choice is yours! To us, in this sense, definitely love the portrayal of Valentino.

Minimal style

Simple, roomy, comfortable and very regular profiles; In short, the classic tote bag, perfectly matching the suit you wear to the Office. A solid color or with contrasting trim, or still in leather: the possibilities in this case too there are so many! What unites all these models surely is the simplicity of the forms, but also the choice of the colour palette, which is almost always very neutral.


The you’ve probably already seen on the catwalks and low cost in your stores saves: this year the fringes we will find ourselves on clothes and accessories, and of course on our tote bag, as in the case of Tod’s Bag Flowe, a purse from versatile profiles and soft looking. Convenient, charismatic, and refined, the tote bag with fringes can be worn also during their leisure time, adapting it to a less formal outfit: jeans and pull will be great!

Floral tote bag

Here’s one of the hottest trends for autumn winter 2016! The floral prints that we swept last season we will continue to purchase, albeit discreetly, in the coming months. And of course a brand like Gucci, with an innate passion for flowers, could not resist this trend a little preppy a bit impish that we find on many, many bags. Dolce & Gabbana nor resist the trend and leaves sprout on her tote beautiful flowers.

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