Types of Eyeliners

Often dizziness: kajal pencils, pencils sourcil, automatic, khol pencils, eyeliner,… an infinite number of pencils that are used for the same: outline the eye. Each has a feature that makes it different from the other and if you know to differentiate them, know how to choose, without motion sickness you, which you prefer for depending on type of line you want and that you find most comfortable use.

  • The Khol pencils, they are made with khôl powder and it is what gives this eyeliner mine very squishy and soft to delineate. For your ease of painting and his intensity of color, is the most preferred to outline the eye inside.
  • The Kajal, It is paste khol, presented in bar format. It is easier to apply than the khol, but also running with ease, even more easily than the khol, therefore not I advise it even if it is very nice. It is a pencil, like the khol, recommended to delineate the internal part of the eye.
  • The Automatic pencils, they are the ones who must not remove tip. As it is is mulling over the base of the pen, will be leaving the tip. Most of these pencils, take a pencil sharpener at the end of the same, and can sharpen the tip whenever you want. This pencil mine is harder than that of the khol and kajal, but paints quite smooth. You can use it to outline the eye inside and out.
  • The Eye-liner, for me, is the Profiler more difficult that there is and is used for the outline of the eyes by the party outside. This eyeliner is presented in two formats: with the point type pen or brush. The pen is very comfortable to handle, but stripe makes it thicker and with the brush, streak comes out fine but you have to have much pulse so that it goes straight. Bad thing that has the eye-liner is that you can not blend like the pencil, and if you’re a battering in stripe, is more complicated to remove it. In duration, being liquid it is that holds most of all.
  • The pencil sourcil It doesn’t outline the eyes, is pencil made for eyelashes. It is a mine hard pencil and its color tends to be within the range of Browns. The mine, to be hard and weak paint, makes that not much noticeable difference of the color of the eyebrows to the color of the pen. This pencil is outline eyebrows, leaving more perfected and making darkest where scarce of hair in the eyebrows.

If you are of evening party and you dare to wear a green, blue, eye shadow… put a liner in the same key, you will have an informal and wild look. If you like makeup in a more formal way or simply don’t have time for makeup, a black stripe is perfect and elegant. And if day and want to go made up naturally, get brown stripe and combine it with a rimmel of the same color, you look very natural and highlighted.

The eyeliner is a pencil for not ever losing sight, There must always be at least one black in our toilet. It is able to get a very different perspective just to make a line in the eyes, but with style.

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