Underwear Men: Guys,You Need To Buy New Underwear Today!

Rant: for a long time we avoid doing a post about underwear mostly because of the uncomfortable job of looking for images to illustrate this theme. As we have appreciation for our readers, I took care to write an informative post, illustrated and no limbs. Did some research on the internet to see if the online underwear stores use images of naked male to sell underwear and saw that the Underwear Store doesn’t get it, then it must be the best seller! Gee, no one deserves to be seeing man in his underwear, huh, BRO?! Oh, v you owe me that. A post on men’s underwear without photo of naked dudes (despite that our readers would like). Phew! Come on!

Man, how long you don’t buy new underwear? Look, let me tell you something, wear nice underwear makes all the difference to your day be happy. I’m kidding! hehe. Now seriously, why I decided to approach this subject?

I was late for work, I took that cat bath and opened the drawer to get a pair of underwear. PUTZ! We ran out of clean underwear! Shirley (my home) missed by a week and the dirty clothes pile up. Gee, now what? You can’t be without panties. The way was wearing a bathing suit and get out. Fuck is the Speedo was not made for the day. And when you are in the day does not pass (trocadalho from carilho). You simply can’t organize the ideas why buddy complains. Man, I spent at the Mall and I bought that beauty underwear. Ready.

I’m telling you this story because not everyone touch it’s time to buy new underwear! But there are times it’s hard. I honestly didn’t have to go through this. Neither do you! Then binds these tips about underwear for men!

Types of Underwear,Underwear Models

There are many types and models of underwear. Let’s put the names and exemplify the models first. Well real quick, just for you to find:

  • Underwear Brief:Trough model legs, full coverage in the front and back, available in high and low waist, ideal for men who seek support.
  • Sport Underwear Brief:Reinforced waistband at the front, minimum coverage of the legs (dug), full coverage in the front and rear, freedom of movement, ideal for sports.
  • Hip Brief Underwear:Trough model legs, full coverage right below the waist, fits the contour of the body.
  • Underwear Boxer Brief:Leg long cut, full coverage and support, template flush with the body leaving the silhouette more evident.
  • Boxers:Leg long cut, looser, covers everything you find on models slim, tadicional and relax.
  • Underwear Trunk:This is a mix between boxer and brief, boxer fit with the support of the brief.

There are other types and models like: Underwear Thong Underwear-classic, Slip//lace thong, Boxer shorts, Long Underwear, underwear Drawers Leg/Long John Underwear, compression Shorts. But these guys are more unusual. So let’s not talk about them in this post, ok?

New Underwear

There are 3 warning signs that you should take into consideration as it indicates that you should buy new underwear immediately:

  1. Underwear stuck:We will match the following, underwear stuck is equivalent to throw away or donate serves. No matter the size of the hole, all right?
  2. Tight Underwear:no man can stand it, period.
  3. Wide Underwear or relaxed:son, if you ever washed more than 100 times the same fabric, it is obvious that he is no longer the same. It is natural for him to be relaxad찾o, but when that happens, doe or burn! Seriously, not roll to be using it that way. There’s something else, drop your appearance disrupted underwear, is piling up tissue the tissue under your pants.

In addition to the obvious signs, there are reasons to come with my underwear! I’ll list a few. Accompanies me, little Grasshopper:

Famous Brand Underwear

Dude, have you ever seen a woman looking for your brand social shirt? For embroidery of your polo shirt? That’s that! Considering that many women look for the marks of their clothes, they also look for the brand of your underwear. Your choice: take off your pants and show the Hawk dressed in Calvin Klein underwear or a bird anonymous.

Good brands to your underwear are: Calvin Klein Underwear, Underwear, Underwear, Underwear Carmine Zorba Red Nose, Underwear, Underwear, Underwear Colcci Cavalera Forum, Underwear, Mash Tommy Hilfiger Underwear, Underwear VR Sao Paulo. There are others, but I like these …

Stylish Underwear

It’s okay if you don’t want to put a mark on your underwear, ok? But you don’t have to be alone in monochrome or shades of gray. Believe me, colorful underwear is good for your half-naked appearance .

In fact, today you have many options such as stripes, colors, and styles. Choose stylish Pant is simple man, just don’t overdo it, right? The markings to help you not doing extravaganzas, but one or another brand just giving you too many choices and that’s where you lose yourself.

Calm down! Does the following: take one or two Sidewinders, other with unique colors like blue, gray, red or green and either brightest color, like orange. But watch out for the yellow not to turn the joke of “chicken yellow”. Son of a gun! But seriously, there are days that only you will see your underwear, so use whatever you want. If anyone else is seeing, take care not to waver. Check out these cool models.

Sexy Panties to Please Your Woman

Crazy, pay attention. His wife take care so much, mesh, diet, buy bras and lingerie so expensive … She does so why care about how you’re going to see her. So, Yo! She notices you and your underwear too. More than you think.

The easiest way to please your wife with your underwear is like this: You buy one or two different panties and dress. Creates the climate and take your clothes off. If she say something! The right Underwear. If she doesn’t say anything, don’t despair. Do your job. After the fact, at the time to roll a cuddle, she discreetly question. Gives type a laugh to create a climate and asks: “Beautiful, enjoyed this new cover?” Then take your findings! You don’t have to share with us not. Just be happy inside for reading this tip here. Note that her opinion will be directly influenced by your performance in bed. Turn around! KKK

Lucky Underwear

Are you laughing? So hold that pretty boy: I’m serious! You have a lucky underwear? Yo, you need a lucky underwear. My lucky underwear is sinister. Whenever I use I’m champion. Rout.

The your lucky underwear isn’t just to impress your wife or do well in sex. The lucky underwear moves your sexual energy for the conquest, is sexual conquest or achievement in any area of your life. Your lucky underwear to create a placebo effect in your unconscious that makes you more winner and stronger. More catch, more professional, more attractive, more male, more what you want.

The lucky underwear don’t need to have a four-leaf clover, ok, big head?! Choose underwear way you enjoy and that makes success. A pair of underwear that you use and it works. This is your lucky underwear. Or purchase any and face like this: This is my underwear. Ready!

So don’t argue—listen to me! Buy or choose your lucky underwear and use it when you need a psychological push for success!

More Underwear Never Hurts

New Underwear is the same book. You are reading about 3 books at the same time and still buy another. Of course, book is something that adds and a book the more you’ll end up reading 1 hour or another. Same thing my underwear. The more you underwear adds. You will use sooner or later. So when you see a book cover, an attractive title, you buy. So dude, when you are strolling in the Mall, hit the eye in a mass purchase underwear! Purchase and play an old out. Beauty? Or doe.

Buy Underwear Online

Buy underwear is very easy. It’s not like other pieces of clothing you have to try etc. and such. You just have to know your size, P, M, G or GG—choose the style and colors and ready. For this reason there are some online stores that sell only panties! I want to indicate a top shop to buy underwear online. It’s called Underwear Store. These guys are awesome. They sell various brands tops and various models. These days I bought some VR panties (size G, lol) and I was very pleased. Check out the store .

Does the following, if you buy something on Underwear Store, tell me. I know the guys and if all goes well, will be mass know. If something goes wrong I even give a touch guys. Combined? Trust me… Buy underwear online is a good, man. No frills, no need to combine the underwear with the clock! Beauty? To facilitate, I did a quick check on Underwear Store and here for you. Check out these models:


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