Wedding Guest Outfits Trouser Suits

In a ceremony to look, if the dress ensures the glamor, the pants are not left to concoct a feminine outfit.

In addition, all women do not like to show their legs, others suffer from painful friction in the crotch while some will feel good simply in trousers.


Femininity Is Above All An Attitude

You probably remember Marlene Dietrich and costumes! Was she not yet ultra glamorous and dressed?

Our Favorite Heart Pants For a Wedding

We will prove to you that in 2016 and even round, one can easily slip trousers for a wedding and have the look!


All dressed in red, you will inevitably feel, especially since red is still the top color trends for this spring-summer 2016 ! For a smoother season we will of course gloves and we can opt for pretty heeled sandals. In order not to suffer from the heat, we think to wear a light jacket.

2-Romantic Lace

Nothing like a nice lace top for a chic and romantic rendered black pants. Very good idea to take a big necklace to bring color and pizzazz to all!

Feel free to love this cute shirt white lace:

3-High Color

Evidence that held trousers for a wedding is far from rhyme with austerity. We love this colorful look of the gown to jewelery!

4-On The Desert Beach…

Coral color and floral top recall with delight the summer holidays to come! It does not hesitate to slip into heels and bring a bag to complete the look.

5-Romantic & Girly

If you are addicted to pastel shades , you’ll melt for this very feminine pink dress! We appreciate the transparency of the white blouse suggesting while sensuality and brings a breath of sexy attitude to this wise enough outfit.

6-All In Combination!

The combi large is again one of the “it” this spring-summer season 2016. We love this colorful model who willingly teams up with a jacket (and why not sandals too!) Red.

You will find wedding guest books  by

7-Dare White Pants

Rest assured, you will not compete with the bride! The important thing is to avoid the total white look to avoid turning it into “bridezedella”.

Feel free to bring color to your outfit, why not with this very orange on the catwalk during the spring-summer 2016 shows.

8-Sailor Forever

The sailor is a timeless fashion and wear to a wedding can be quite chic. This season, choose the red or navy stripes and create an outfit in blue, white, red; it’s trendy!

And why not dare to mix prints like the beautiful Aurelie Gio ?


Stripes are still fashionable this season especially vertically. The black and white duo is still very tasteful. You can dare to crop top or choose a longer top. Remember to decorate your outfit with a light blazer, a clutch and heels or heel sandals.

10-Lili Marlène

Finally, holding trousers for a wedding can also be worn as a total black look very classy way to Marlene Dietrich!

We hope we have managed to inspire you for your wedding dress!

You will understand indeed, simply accessories, dress shoes, a jacket, possibly a little jacket and top that goes to transform your pants in full regalia.

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