What To Do For The Baby To Sleep

For the baby to sleep well and quietly it is necessary to prepare the baby’s room, turning off the lights, closing the window and wearing comfortable baby pajamas in addition to being able to put it to suckle close to bedtime.

Generally the newborn up to 3 months sleeps about 16 hours, sleeping 11 at night and doing several naps throughout the day, however, babies should not sleep the entire night followed until that age, as they need to suck On average every 3 hours. However, starting at 4 months it is possible to create a bedtime routine, since the baby is already physically ready to take 6 to 8 hours without eating.

Tips To Help Your Baby Sleep Better

For the baby to sleep well at night parents should:

1. Create A Sleeping Routine

For the baby to fall asleep fast is crucial, teach the baby to distinguish the night of the day and for this, parents should during the day have the house well lit and make the normal noise of the day, in addition to play with the child.

However, at bedtime, it is important to prepare the house, turning off the lights, closing the windows and reducing the noise, and set a time for sleeping, such as 21.30h.

2. Put The Baby In The Crib

The baby should sleep alone in the cot or cot since it is born, as it is more comfortable and safe for the baby, since sleeping in the couple’s bed can become dangerous, because the parents can hurt the baby and, sleep in the shiqueirinho or in the Chair is uncomfortable and causes pain in the body.

In addition, the child should always sleep in one place to live in their bed.

In this way, parents should put the baby in the crib still awake so that he learns to fall asleep alone and, when he wakes up, one should not immediately take the baby out of bed, unless he is uncomfortable or dirty and should sit next to the baby Cradle and talk softly with him, so he understands that he should stay there and that it is safe for him.

3. Have The Baby’s Bedroom Comfortable

At bedtime, your baby’s room should be neither too hot nor cold and you should reduce the noise and light of how much, should turn off the television, the radio or the computer and trying not to make noise during this period.

Another important tip is to turn off strong lights by closing the bedroom window, but you can leave a presence light in the room, such as the light bulb, so that the child, if they wake up, will not be frightened by the dark

4. Breastfeeding At Bedtime

One way to help your baby fall asleep fast and to sleep for up to 3 hours is to get the baby to nurse before bed because it leaves the baby sated. Read more in: How to breastfeed .

If the baby does not breastfeed, it can give the baby bottle, however, should not offer the baby raw fruits such as mandarin or orange before bed because they are difficult to digest and can disrupt sleep.

5. Wear Comfortable Pajamas

When you put your baby to sleep, even if it is to take a nap, you should wear your pajamas so the child can learn what clothes to wear when going to bed.

However, it is important to wear comfortable pajamas, for example cotton, without buttons or threads, avoiding tight clothing and elastic bands, so as not to hurt or pinch the child.

6. Sleeping With A Teddy Bear

Some children like to sleep with a toy to feel safer, and usually there is no problem for the child to sleep with a little stuffed animal. However, you should choose dolls that are not too small because there is a chance that the child will swallow, or very large dolls that can suffocate.

In addition, children with respiratory problems, such as allergies or bronchitis, should not sleep with plush dolls, for example.

7. Take A Shower Before Bed

Usually the bath is a relaxing time for the baby and so it may be a strategy to give warm bath before going to bed to help the baby to fall asleep faster and sleep better.

8. Massage At Bedtime

Some kids get sleepy after a back and leg massage and this can be a way to help the baby fall asleep and sleep well at night. I see how to do it in:Massage for Baby: step by step.

9. Change The Diaper Before Bed

When the parents are going to lie down to sleep, they should change the diaper to the baby, cleaning and washing it so that it feels clean and comfortable, since the dirty diaper can become uncomfortable and not allow the baby to sleep, besides May cause irritation to the skin causing pain.

In addition, some babies have a lot of cramps and in these cases, before bedtime, one can massage the baby’s belly to help him sleep better.

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