What to Wear on Cold Days

According to fashion designers and bloggers this year is the year of male vests. Several years ago, they flooded the market for women’s clothing and behold, that fashion houses have decided to combine the vision of a beautiful girl in a long cardigan with romantic businessman elegant men’s vest. In any case, the gentlemen will need some tips on how to combine their male vests. We are here to give them to them! We start now!

Winter jackets
This bomber jacket is comfortable and perfectly acceptable for men who still can not be presented in knitting, tossing soft and favorite cotton sweatshirt for home use. Furthermore, the heat that will ensure the combination of natural wool + cotton is a great idea to lower electricity bills and in the office and at home!

With shirt
In this case, do not fasten the vest to above. In some cases – when the mood or dress code are lazy – you can not buttoning his shirt. Combine light with a dark color. If necessary, add more artistitsizam and bet on one color accessory such as a sleek and stylish scarf.

Speaking of accessories …
If you love a youth fashion combinations and you’ve recently stocked at hipster culture, here is a combination of us in this style: classic vest medium length in sailor colors and tie …! We guarantee you that you will astound the lady next to him with a similar fashion performance! In this connection, it is conceivable effect is even better with tie – especially bright and colorful!

Shoes are your choice, but if you wear men’s jackets this winter, forget the shoes. Sneakers in a simple option, however, are OK and they also belong to the youth column combinations.

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