Fashionable Underwear for Men

Beautiful laundry feel better one (s). After all, fashion is also below the belt. But now wide or tight boxer shorts, or yet the slip – the answer should be the carrier of his personal being make dependent on. Here decide to own preference.
But no matter what kind of laundry – fashionable should they then be. The women and our own ego will thank you. If man must download already the pants, he should finally cut a good figure here.

The Perfect Underwear for Men

The challenge of “perfect underwear” is anything but easy. After all, man is to feel so. This includes but more than “just” the feel on our skin. In the best case, depending on whether in the leisure, in business or in sports, the linen should be also as subtle and not too noticeable under clothing.
That may be the challenge. Especially when you consider that in addition to the practical advantages, even the look, the quality, the skin-friendliness and the comfort are important.

Is Boxer Shorts – What the Secret?

The classic boxer shorts usually consist of a woven yarn. Many men today like to fall for this kind of laundry because it leaves enough space in contrast to the slip and is also still beautiful airy. The downside: Boxer shorts can apply for figure-hugging pants.
Boxer shorts with the diamonds on it, are fully in line with the trend. Visually the plaid Boxer shorts make a lot here. Also in our assortment there are trendy Plaid, here as a popular model of the brand Jado.

The Slip is Not Yet Long out of Fashion

But who believes that only the male underwear are fashionable, which is wrong. As washboard abs carrier such as David Beckham, give new impetus to the Y model.
The typical rib with intervention is for the fashion conscious man is ‘out’, but that is only because the former basic model was superseded long ago. The slip today boasts power, style, quality and the right comfort. So how here the model of Jockey-5XL.