Find Out What The Best Type Of Bathroom Mirror

Time to decorate the House always that question of what is the best type of mirror in the bathroom. There are various models and shapes, such as square, rectangular, round and irregular, and the choice depends on the size and design of the environment.
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The mirrors are great decorating elements, mainly for the bathroom. “In addition to being functional mirrors, they value the decoration and contribute in the sense of expanding space, improving the lighting,” says the architect Mayra Lopes.

But how to choose the right model for the bathroom? Each form of mirror has your own feature and some points should be taken into consideration.
Round: Mayra account that round mirrors are delicate and convey a feeling of relaxation. “Are great for appreciating the countertop space, drawing attention to this focal point,” says the architect.
Rectangular: these models mark a horizontal line, transmitting a feeling of tranquility. Vertically, Mayra says that conveys the sense of action and strength. “Are most suitable to enlarge small environments”, guides.
Squares: Transmit a sense of order. The square models can be used to mark the countertop space, valuing this focal point. Mayra account that are indicated, especially for formal sites who want to convey stability, strength and sobriety.
Irregular: Create relaxed environments, but with more marked than the round ones. But you have to take a certain care in time to put on the wall, as says Mayra. “Depending on the composition, can transmit order, chaos and balance”.
Mani says that for a large bathroom a good option is to use mirrors that mark the bench altogether. Already for small bathrooms, including toilet, installed in a horizontal models are the best to enlarge the environment.
“For a more classic or retro bathroom is better to choose a mirror with frame according to To modern styles can choose to irregular or round facilities, which give a more romantic too, “concludes the architect.