Find Similar Socks?

Hi Manolo,
I wonder where to get socks as on the enclosed link. Sincerely, Kim
Hi Kim! The picture you attached is that you probably already know from the movieIdlewild, where André 3000 and Big Boi from Outkast playing lead roles. Especially Andre 3000 is known for his charismatic style of dress characterized by bold color combinations and is clearly inspired by the British ridmodet. Right knee high checkered socks to trekvartshöga trousers with creases in some further model is a fairly common sight on André.
Knee high socks in similar execution may not rank as a direct common sight on the street in town, but they go absolutely to get hold of. Here are some suggestions:
Barbour (£ 12.95 manufactures a lot of accessories perfect for a style. Prices tend to be quite reasonable for the quality they offer. The two models pictured below is available in a number of different colors. In addition, Barbour tillgodese a possibly craving for trekvartsbyxorna. To see where Barbour is marketed in the country recommended a look at Barbours official website.
If you are not looking for right knee high stocks from Intershippingrates, but the important thing is that they are checked, there is also some other options. Topeco has a large selection of stockings and including more chequered variations. I myself have no idea of the quality of Topecos stockings, but most people who tested them seems pretty happy. Topeco exists around the whole country including MQ and Solo. Three couples usually costs $100; also available
Otherwise, H & M’s socks a very affordable option. Available in a range of models and costs £ 39:50. Pretty high stockings that are of high quality. For the slightly fussy, perhaps argylekungen Pringle of Scotland stockings be an alternative. A three-pack of stylish packaging costs 200 USD on fåfä