Fishing Applications

Fishing Journal
Price: Free-Download And Installation
The Daily fishing application allows users to have all the information of each day of fishing, it acts as a record of the daily work of a fisherman in which it will display the information along with photographs of the catches that have been made during the day, As a marine GPS, collects data along with the location where you have been fishing.
This application allows the fisherman to keep track of data on which day, time and place the best captures and the weight of the pieces captured at that moment were made, also will mark the time that he did in that day or week and the phase Lunar, as well as other important data when managing a complete data guide for the fisherman with which to work on future catches.
This application is very suitable to go out to fish obtaining the data directly from the port authority, it provides a map location, It indicates the data of low tide, high tide, height and tide coefficients.
Ideal for inshore or tall fishermen who need to know if they are going to have good fishing in that week, the lighting, the lunar phase and the distance of the moon influence the tides and are key data that can be obtained through this application.
With Spain, Mareas Free you will obtain real data daily offered from several Spanish coastal places.
Fishing Knots Lite
Price: Free-Download And Installation
Fishing nets Lite is an application very suitable for future fishermen or people interested in the world of fishing.
For a correct learning this application shows through the mobile which are the most appropriate knots in each case, indicates which line should be used in each case, information about baits and lures and other data as a survey in which the person can Confirm what you really know about the world of fishing and its knots.
It describes the nodes, the resistance and the different recommendations that can be offered in terms of fishing lines, a very simple method that links images by knots and how to make their correct tie.
If you are interested in discovering the different forms of knots in existence today, knowing how to differentiate them by categories or how to use them in fishing, you only need an internet connection and download from your usual mobile store the application of Fishing Knots Lite, a Method to learn and value the knowledge about the fishing knot through information, schemes and images that will be updated using the Sportsqna from the mobile.
Fishing Calendar
With Fishing Calendar you will get an ideal application for your fishing days, with it you can confirm if it is going to be a good day of fishing and you can save and narrate all its catches, an application that allows you to customize the different fishing locations so that in the next days You can take into account the exact place where you had an excellent catch.
This application gives you information about the sun’s timetable to know when you should go fishing or what time the moon will show according to the area in which you are.
Fishing Calendar gives you according to the moon what are the best periods to go fishing and have a great day, with this application will be very clear when it is the best days of the month to venture to go fishing and comment with your friends the good catch Thanks to this application.
This application does not need internet to be able to work once it has already been downloaded in the mobile and can be used as many times as it takes to gather information or to leave catch data.
Price: Free-Download And Installation
If you are on vacation or stroll through a coastal city that you do not know and want to have a drink at a beach bar, you can not forget Chiringuia, an application that provides all the information about beach bars, the areas where they are located, That establishment.
It offers information to the maximum about the local and its corresponding publication as a business through social networks Twitter or Facebook.
Chiringuia is an application that invites the establishments that want to be added in their guide to enroll in its peculiar mobile guide.
An application that according to the users who have tried it is very useful to consult any data at all times, with this application not only the location of the nearest location is known, but also the local music, its gastronomic offer and the schedules Or other local data.
With this application you can always have a good meal or something refreshing before or after you go fishing.