Fishing Rods for Children

If you are a dedicated father who cares about maintaining a good relationship between father and children, perhaps what is best for you to spend free time with your children is to go fishing and enjoy with them this fantastic sport.
But why go fishing you ask?, There are many reasons why fishing for children is the best activity for them, for example:

  1. Fishing is a recreational sport thatteaches many values ​​to the person, besides helping to form the character of the child from an early age, although for this the boy should always be in the company of the father to motivate him when something does not come out like him I expected it.
    2. Fishing will help children to decontaminate technology, as we all know, our children are becoming more addicted to television, the internet and video games, so a free time outside of all technology will make them reflect and Valuing the environment.
    3. Fishing helps to strengthen family ties, so it is ideal that in this activity not only father and son participate but also that it is ideal for the whole family to fish as a sport.

These are just some of the benefits of going fishing with kids is the best option.

Fishing Tackle With Children

If you are a person who already practices this sport and you are about to start your children in it, I recommend that you invest a little money in it, but at the same time you should also leave on one side the idea of ​​seeing your tender children with a Tiny fishing rod with a cartoon as a design, on the contrary the most ideal is to get them a good rod that will ensure that it will be durable and easy to use.
You should look for a fishing rod that is tough but at the same time light and easy to maneuver.
When we have ready the cane for our little ones, it is time to look for a good rail that is soft and preferably new, we know that sometimes we have the illusion of seeing our children fishing with our old fishing rod, but we must Be aware that it is best that they take care of one of their own and that is why it is important that it is of quality.
The next thing that we will look for to be able to go fishing with the children, are a good hooks, eye that these must be floating and that better if they are of torpedo type, this will make the children get even more excited, we must not forget get a few flies Manufactured, which we will use as decoys.
Something very important that we should always take when fishing with the children, is a container a bit deep to fill it with water and place there the fish that our little one has captured, in this way he can observe them at all times and we will manage to capture more his Attention and captivate him to make him feel motivated and want to return to fishing.

Tips For Going Fishing With Kids

If this summer you are determined to take your children to fish, here are a few tips that should be taken into account to avoid problems or some kind of mishap.

  1. Buy only good quality equipment, do not risk the safety of your children, if you are going to go fishing with them to the sea, it is important that they always use the life jacket.
  2. Choose the best option so that the boys can fish, we must find a suitable place for them, in other words do not think where we feel comfortable fishing, but we should look for something that favors them, such as where there is A little shade and not very deep waters.
  3. We should always be prepared for any circumstance, even if it seems silly to some, if we are initiating our children in this magnificent sport, we can not expect them to adapt overnight in this area, for this reason the best Is always to carry toilet paper, snacks, a first aid kit, tent and cooking utensils, among other things, every father knows his children and therefore everyone will know what is most needed when going on a trip To fish with them.
  4. According to, we must establish rules with the boys, although this point is more than obvious, we must speak clearly with the children so that they know that fishing is not a game and that when leaving fishing can happen serious accidents for them as for us as Parents, of course we must treat all this with the greatest possible touch to make the rules are completely clear but at the same time we should not infuse fear in children or otherwise fishing will be tedious and terrifying for them.
  5. We must establish tasks for the children, regardless of whether our children are small or large, we should not fall into the mistake of performing all tasks ourselves, under the pretext that we are teaching how things are done, or that we do Because they do not know how to do it.

On the contrary it is imperative that every child who accompanies us to go fishing, should feel useful and that better than assigning them strict tasks, with strict we mean that these should be only for them and should not evade them, when we go fishing there are Multiple tasks that can be fulfilled, such as preparing the lures, waiting for the used utensils, picking up a little firewood if a fire was used, etc.

  1. Something that must be done from the beginning, at the time of establishing the rules, we must also clearly explain what theday of fishing is, this moment is also ideal for sharing small tips that we have learned over time.
  2. Teaching values, when we find ourselvesfishing next to our children, is the right time to be able to talk to them and to instill moral and cultural values, we can also teach sports fishing and non-stealth, teachings to take care of the environment.
  3. Have a fun time fishing, remember that the boys will not be expert fishermen on the first try, so we must keep calm if something goes wrong, if they despair we will have to calm the waters, to The best option is to go prepared with some stories that we can share with them to feel entertained, we can also practice some songs but quietly so as not to scare the fish, there are several games that we can also put into practice, that the day Is the best of his life, will depend largely on us as parents.

Tips For Choosing A Fishing Rod For Kids

As we mentioned before, although our desire is to see the children with a tender fishing rod, the idea is to buy them the best rod we can, but for this task we must be clear in what kind of scope we will go fishing, in salt water or in Fresh water, since there is some difference between each of them although all the rods can be used anywhere.
But as we are looking for the idea cane for children, we recommend that you look for a slow reaction rod, which are quite double and therefore are called parabolic, these rods are perfect for those who are starting because they are more specialized for Fish on the shores.
With regard to material, there are bamboo, fiberglass and graphite rods, these materials are all perfect for beginners, but we recommend that you put your little one to choose which one weighs the least for him or them, as well Also verifies that you can mobilize with ease.
After this you should also look for a suitable reel that is soft and light, but at the same time is very resistant, take into account that this task is not something you can take lightly, requires time and little knowledge to be able to arm The perfect fishing rod for children.
On the other hand, if you are also a beginner and you are about to start fishing together with your children, it is best to ask at the sports store where you buy the cane, if they have a pre-assembled cane kit, check it and analyze If you feel comfortable with it, then repeat the process with your children.
Finally, we leave a few short stories safety tips that are worth mentioning, it never hurts to take them into account:
1. Never take off your children’s sight, remember that they will be near the water and although they can swim and have a vest Lifeguards often happen, so always verify that children are supervised by another adult when you are not present.
2. Have children wear glasses at all times, as an accident with a hook could cause irreversible damage to the sight of children.
3. Avoid using lead lures, as it has been scientifically proven that small particles of this material can enter the body of people and cause serious health damage in the long term.