Flashlight That Emits a Powerful Light

Sure that many of you practicareis sports the style of the caving, hiking (night) or any style you need lights, lights and flashlights to guide you, well see where it is pressed and other.
Sure that you usareis professional, powerful and really good headlights. Here I present one if what you seek is light, you won’t be disappointed: is one flashlight can produce light equivalent to 150 bulbs 60 W. It has an approximate autonomy of about 40 minutes at maximum power and around 85 in eco mode.
A plus is that it does not use batteries, but a rechargeable battery through, or conventional plug, or 12 V car adapter.
That if, it has a weight of nearly 6 Kg, but the power that offers very few flashlights will give it. Its price is quite reasonable on wholesaleably.com: $80.
For five euros we will propose you a curious gift and that equal up to good use can give.
It’s one Slimline flashlight, similar to a credit card that works with three batteries.
You know, one is never aware of when you will need light in its way.
Not you confuse, the I-Sight is not the camera from Apple, but a flashlight that nothing has to do with the Apple.
Yes, a simple Lantern but with the feature that it is not necessary to hold hands, but that the RadTech I-Sight you is a flashlight that attaches with the lobe of the ear, as if a hands-free handset (mobile), and also does not use traditional bulbs, but powerful LEDs (if the proven you have, you will have seen as light emitting is pretty good, I would say even that better than the traditional).
Two colors for the light of this there are flashlight. A white colour for normal use and reading, and another Green, recommended for evening and night vision. Both models sell for $13 unit.
Everyday use we could give to this flashlight is to write (both computer and hand) in a nightly surroundings, to find a certain thing… and many more applications. What other use daríais you you?