Flat Sandals for Women

Put on Spartan and barefoot: summer, open shoes are perfect for stay chic yet comfortable.
Shoes summer can sometimes turn into a nightmare: heat, feet that swell and that scrub, skin that heats up… The solution? Zapper heels for adopt models of light and flat sandals.
Here are our 4 essential for a summer at the top:

L ‘ range option: the tong
Coming straight from the Brazil, the tong rubber has quickly emerged as the shoe easy to live the summer as soon as it’s warm… long bear its V clamp between the toe! Passed during the day and at the beach to dress his swimsuit and his kaftah. We also think about dragging his flip flops in his suitcase of summer when traveling to the other side of the world: they will be also useful for hanging out at the hotel to walk in the city in the event of hot weather.
L ‘ cool option: the sandal Greek
The purist version is a craft model in natural leather, camel color which patina over time. In Greece, we wear them for more than 4,000 years! And there are still thousands of pairs sold in the neighborhood of Monastiraki in Athens at prices defying all competition… Every summer, the traditional shoemakers revisit her by offering plenty of variants: colored leathers, the rising tied, patterns with fringes or with wings. Ultra-comfortable and slight, the Greek sandal in its original version is perfect during the day with a slim snub or a denim Shorts worn over a blouse of ethnic inspiration. At night, cover a small black jacket all glitter, and it is enough!
L ‘ fun option: the fancy barefoot
Braided, colorful, studded straps, tie around the ankle with tassels or not: this is the kind of fantasy that boost no matter what little flat sandal for the summer. You choose your preferences by taking guard not to accumulate Accessories and jewelry with to not look like a Christmas tree!
L ‘ chic option: open ballerina
Nothing like a pair of pretty ballerina with a semi-long skirt a little retro to give a worthy of Audrey Hepburn look. Summer, we opt for flats at open ends which exude the kick with elegance. Leather or Black canvas, it fits with all the possible looks. For a feminine look, we prefer a Suede powdered color material (pink, nude or grey beaded) and we reserve the openwork and silver models to give a small rock to our dresses summer side!
Last tip: summer footwear, we discount all its flat sandals at the back of the financedns. We keep a pair of open sandals black to try them out with colorful opaque tights and a short dress, or with upturned “mom” jeans and fancy socks. A sharp look to the more adventurous only!