Flight Jackets for Men

A term which is constantly recurs but often occupied only inaccurate in life. Who never thought about it, could understand it as a collective term for all jackets that do not define themselves by their own characteristics with naming. So it is not.
The jacket is a clearly localized manifestation of outerwear for outdoors. What a blouson men’s exactly-namely on the sleeves and at the bottom end with elastic cuffs hemmed jacket-you should at least know. Especially where no name protection exists, it always comes back to mistakes.

How do you recognize the jacket?
The typical blouson men is equipped with a zipper and always enough to the waist. The resulting from the cuff “bluesy” effect is often enhanced by discreet Schulterpölsterchen. Therefore this jacket style is recommended just such men warmly wishing embellish her shoulder-chest-game visually little bit more dominant. Blousons there are certainly well fed and quilted warm, so they are an acceptable protection against the cold. They store heat rather than other types of cuts. Wind and water repellent materials are protectively fixed by the cuffs, the body so that at least one slip is not as easy as in loose ends. These cuffs are the result of a well thought out practicality meet the increased requirements.
Do not go there to heat, but models for pleasant temperatures, the linings should be thin. There are also closer or straight cut style, where the puffed effect does not seem to be present. They are sometimes a little longer than the basic model and have a different optical effect: men who like “stretched” want to act in their appearance should fit those once. Above these types often have a high neck and then her own charisma that is something steered in the sports direction.

Entwicklung of Jackets

To understand the history and development of the jackets, you have to know the origin of the bomber jackets. They are practically the “fathers” of this entire Jacket style. They came first. For almost the same time as in the dissemination of aviators and bomber jackets with the US Army towards the civilian population in the 1950s, a hitherto unknown revolution took place in fashion-lived individuality was suddenly allowed. And the society for all layers.
The original flight jackets certainly were and are priced based in a much higher segment, but the basic idea of ​​the cut, the actual design, allowing incredible diversity in low price range: The jacket in all its facets emerged. Only the relatively high end features of the flight jacket are not just met, but for everyday life are also not required.
In addition, it was the brothers Miller allowed to use a traditional Scottish pattern for the lining of jackets. So you managed also made it into the top class. were covered so now all layers and dress jackets as formal outerwear spread across the globe, as well as the “big brother bomber jacket”.Until today you can take any assignment or limitation to a specific layer or scene.
A milestone for suitability as a trendsetter can their public wearing James Dean are considered. Thereby giving it a touch of rebellion men blouson and enriched it to an interesting facet of young people. Frank Sinatra Also, Elvis Presley and Steve McQueen made for the Image Development in the broad layer. What is established in the music scene, is always taken. That was true then and is still unwritten law of the fashion world.
But the objective characteristics of the then trendy novelty could convince. Rasch also sat the then new material, nylon, by and was indispensable in outdoor clothing. Due to the different presentations of the jackets you no longer thinks today automatically nylon, too much is cut and material of each came off and prevailed separately. But at that time associated to both still together: The jacket made of nylon has its uniqueness but not lost to this day.