Floral Décor

The other day I showed you How to decorate the House with geometric items and today I will be talking about a style that suits the family the Findings; the floral.
Pieces in this theme are recommended for women who live alone or with friends, already the men may not enjoy a decoration very girlie. However, I argue that the House should have a mixture than each of the residents like, then hit the foot and guarantee at least a little flower here and there to enjoy!
Look at a few ideas:
Living alone or accompanied, Valley common sense. Not roll use flowers on everything, but the visual is “polluted”. The cool thing is to use so contained and at different points of the House. Here at decoration tips, live with the namo, my tip is to opt for less showy pieces (avoid wallpapers, huge paintings or rugs with the theme – although worship!) and bet on pillow, handles, or even a purse or camera hanging on the wall (we love Diana customized!) Also we enjoyed and we indicate mix prints (floral Valley mini with maximum and with other patterns – look how here).
Some cute products to leave your home beautiful and colorful.
I hope you enjoyed. If you have any suggestions for the next topic, leave a comment.
Stand by me!