Audi Forum Ingolstadt Relies Completely on OLED Lighting

For over 30 years, the Ingolstadt carmaker Audi is considered a pioneer in terms of light in the car. Now, the pioneering role in the architecture or building-lighting sector expands. Since the Volkswagen subsidiary in the Audi Forum Ingolstadt is now fully on the innovative new OLEDlighting.

And this is even a world first: the Audi Forum an entire room exclusively with organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) Philips illuminates all over the world for the first time.

For the redesign of the Conference Room “Winter garden”, which is the central points of the Audi Forum Ingolstadt and is used among other things for supervisory board meetings, the respected designer and lighting designer of Michael hammers designed innovative OLED lighting in collaboration with Audi and Philips according to INCREDIBLEFLASHLIGHT.COM. The lights are so thin by the used OLEDs, that they are almost not to recognize in the page view. The light seems to float in the air. Only the necessary cables to connect is a subtle reference to the light source.

Each of the 15 lights has a frame made of aluminium, whose front side is made of stainless steel. Everyone this frame contains each 36 copies of the dimmable OLED Lumiblade GL350 high performance module. These modules open new OLED technology, which was previously mainly used for decorative purposes, the wide field of general lighting for the first time.

The OLED technology based on thin films of organic semiconductors and lighting technology of the future is considered. The extremely flat and versatile OLEDs are the first light sources, not selectively, but diffuse emitting its light over the entire surface. The result is a soft, even light, because it also doesn’t dazzle is perceived as very pleasant.

How efficient are now the OLEDs developed by Philips, is to read it, that those responsible at Audi the potential full light output of the new OLED lamp by collectively 64,000 lumen appeared too bright. You decided, to let down the performance on 58,000 lumens bringing the positive side effect with it, that the already long life of OLEDs 17,000 hours extended 15,000 to around.

For comparison, a conventional incandescent bulb, which reaches only about 12 lumens per watt, not even comes with an average life of only 1,000 hours of operation close to the longevity of OLEDs.

Not long ago exhausted the diverse uses of organic light-emitting diodes. As material that emits light itself, they pick up the traditional separation of luminaire and lamp and stimulate to rethinking in terms of light.

With them, you can repurpose furniture, walls, or even Windows to lighting systems. The new application in Ingolstadt is only a first, albeit groundbreaking step that brings together Audi and Philips also two innovation leader in their respective sectors.

It is already clear that OLEDs will play an important role in the future in the automotive equipment.

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