Fresh Table Decoration in Turquoise and Blue

Your wedding colors come to the fore in the table decoration and – depending on the color – create a very special atmosphere.If you want to keep the table decoration turquoise, rely on communication.If the table decoration is blue, add some peace and quiet.The two fresh colors symbolize openness, balance and balance.

As wedding colors turquoise and blue are excellently suitable and refresh every party.

Flower decoration in turquoise and blue

What would be the table decoration without flowers ?The theme of table decoration in turquoise and blue is also the focus of flowers.Used best turquoise blue hydrangeas, forget-me-nots, chrysanthemums or lavender .In addition, you can also color roses or gerbera blue.

The importance of color turquoise

The refreshing turquoise color is next to communication also for truth, stability, compassion, harmony and self-awareness.

Turquoise calms and stimulates the flow of speech, thereby supporting feelings and promoting new ideas.As a mixture of green and blue, the natural connection with the expanse of the sea unites in turquoise.

If you want to design your table decoration turquoise, choose some – but not all – deco elements in turquoise.Used frugally, the fresh turquoise usually works better.

Good combination colors for turquoise are the more muted colors white, cream, gray, brown or silver. Or who likes to be very colorful:turquoise and bright yellow, turquoise and dark blue or turquoise and dark blue.

Table decoration in turquoise and blue

Placeholders, napkins, tablecloths or runners, candles, decoches, tealights – this and much more can be done with your table decoration in turquoise or blue.Here we have a few suggestions:

The meaning of the color blue

In addition to communicative joy, Blue also symbolizes loyalty, peace, security, patience, trust and serenity.

Blue soothes and heals.The blue of the ocean conveys space and freedom.If you want to make your table decoration blue, you get a maritime flair and much freshness.

White, cream and gray, as well as green and red, match with blue.

Table cards in turquoise and blue

If you have not already chosen too many decorative elements in turquoise or blue, you can also ideally design the table cards turquoise or print the blue tables.Also the menu cards can be colored and shine in turquoise or blue.

Shopping tips for decoration in blue & turquoise


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