Ideas For Vintage-Style Salons

When we decorate a living room always we seek comfort, charm, quality and attributes that can be found in vintage style, that fashion has become in recent times. The halls of this style enrich the beauty and history of the old pieces with avant-garde and modern accessories, combination ideal to recreate a cozy and unique environments.

If you are interested in renewing your living room with a modern vintage style decoration, then going to capture these samples with abundant creativity and vintage details. While we review them will give you some ideas on how get this style to the interior of your home.

Natural Touch Salon

Furniture is key to any living room decor and style vintage need to recover the antique furniture that you want to represent in your decoration. As antiques are quite expensive and you can get out of budget, you can then appeal to the retro furniture, which are those manufactured today but which evoke the past designs. Pay attention to the furniture of traditional designs, curved and wavy shapes, which are exhibited in some of these images from InternetAges.

White, which often is chosen for the walls is used as base of the decoration. Papers or textiles with geometric motifs were fashionable in the past, so they are a very good resource to use. The result is always excellent, as you can see in this Hall where we have chosen to decorate the main wall.

Classic Vintage Lounge

We can define this other room such as a renovated Classic or an updated vintage. The combination of old pieces of furniture with other modern classic is very successful. The armchairs were the protagonists of yesteryear, so nothing better than choosing a couple of them to decorate a vintage classy lounge.

Gray is a color that fits well in any decorative style, so you can combine it with the target to give life to the walls.

Ideas Of Accessories In A Vintage Lounge

To achieve a vintage style really true we must pay attention to Accessories. In this Hall, we find some very unique and inspiring, accessories like the old trunk that has been placed as a coffee table, photography who heads the cowl, cowl or old wooden cabinet. Be creative with the accessories you choose, but keep in mind that the most used style materials are wood, wicker and forging.

A sofa like this scroll, low-back and an upholstered padded arms, is the faithful representative of vintage style. Although it might seem it a design so it is not difficult to acquire, since currently many firms create furniture retro lines.

Lounge With Oriental Touches Vintage

But it is also less common are often mix up the pieces vintage in other styles of modern decoration, as in this room where merges the vintage with the East. Not always a great investment is needed, sometimes it is enough with a successful combination of colors, textures and volumes, such as that you see in this design.

Classic Room

In this last room we can also enjoy the harmony of the old and the new. Decorative details using modern materials, but have been inspired by trends and forms of past eras.

Coffee table and accessories that have been placed on it are a real sign of good taste and personality.Textiles of vivid colors and contrasts are also major players in this room, use of natural and synthetic fibers. Plants always bring a freshness and romanticism to a stay, so are included in almost all of the designs.

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