Led Vs Fluorescent Lamps: See Which Is Better

You ever been in doubt when buying lamps for your home? What would be the most appropriate? After the extinction of the light bulbs on the market, your place was taken by fluorescent darlings. Now a new technology emerges with LED lamps.

In this article we will teach you how to differentiate from one another, comparing the cost, durability, price and average lighting capacity. So you can choose which one meets your needs more.

Fluorescent Lamps


The biggest advantage of fluorescent lights is that the energy consumed by them does not emit heat, IE, don’t worry. Therefore, almost all the energy is reversed in light. The fluorescent generate around 80 lumens per Watt to consume, and so spend less energy.

The lifetime of this type of lamp is much larger than the old bulbs and can last up to 6 times more, for a total of 8000 hours, at a cost of approximately 10 reais. Besides, they tend to consume even less if the use is continuous. Also do not burn easily when they are connected or disconnected.

Another important advantage is the reduction of carbon dioxide in the environment. Only one bulb will reduce about half a ton of CO2 in the atmosphere during your lifetime.

Fluorescent lamps can be used in any type of environment, its various shapes and sizes allow them to be used on the ceiling lamps, table lamps, and even track lighting.


The biggest drawback is on the inside of the fluorescent tube. It is composed of mercury, which makes it difficult to dispose of it properly.

Another disadvantage is that the first installation sometimes must be done by a professional electrician, since these lamps have more complex electrical connections.

Fluorescent lighting can shaking visibly as well, producing an uneven light that may annoy some users.

LED Light Bulbs


The LEDS have a long life. Its duration varies between 25 and 50000 hours. If you are connected around the clock, 8 hours per day, it can last up to 17 years, with a cost of approximately 50 reais.

According to hetongdiy, the LED light bulbs require a minimum maintenance cost, which is extremely positive because the Exchange is not constant, on the contrary, it is rarely done. It is therefore indicated place this kind of lamp in hard to reach places such as bridges and places of high structures.

This lamp can also be used in places of high humidity like saunas, and even in swimming pools, because have no risk of direct contact.

Another plus point of Led light bulbs is that they have a very low heat emission and do not emit infrared and ultraviolet rays, which can be used in museums and places where there is vegetation without risk.


Because it is a new technology, the cost of this lamp is considerably more expensive.

Another point which can become negative is the installation of a LED lamp. Depending on the site being installed, will require the hiring of specialized labor, therefore more difficult to find and with the highest value.

Going on high or low voltage peaks, because of changes in the system of power grid, you must invest in security, are using specific devices for which there are no losses in lighting.

After knowing a little more about the LED lamp and fluorescent lamp will be easier, in choosing, choose which best fits the location of use and the best cost benefit.

Have you picked out which lamp is best suited for you? Still have a question? Share with us in the comments!

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