Theme of the Week – Wallpaper

The wallpaper is back to any room in the house: rooms, bedrooms, corridors, kitchens or bathrooms.This is a simple and elegant solution that is increasingly common in our homes.

However, choosing the right wallpaper is not always an easy task.There are many things to keep in mind: the type of room, the size of the house, the characteristics and material of the wallpaper, color, pattern and a number of aspects that we are going to talk about today and you will get more from

Wallpaper Advantages

The wallpaper has many advantages and is a great decoration tool.To begin with, unlike painted walls, the wallpaper allows us to give more texture to our walls, making the room of the house more cozy and comfortable.If you decide on the wallpaper, you can choose one with a more loaded pattern on a wall and choose a neutral color to cover the remaining walls.Also, depending on the style you want to give your home, choose a pattern for the wallpaper: classic, modern, pop or retro.

Finally, do not forget that the wallpaper is a great solution for walls with spots or defects, and can conceal them in an aesthetic way.

Fill a personality space

The wallpaper was not meant to go unnoticed.It gives personality to the spaces it decorates and so it is a very practical solution for passing rooms such as hallways, doors or stairs.A bright background color and a suggestive pattern printed, express character to any space.

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Type of material

One of the questions you should answer when deciding to put wallpaper in your home is what material interests you most.To answer this question it is important to know the room of the house in which you will use the wallpaper, as depending on the characteristics of the same, it will be more appropriate to choose one or another material.

Resistance to sunlight

Another factor that one should take into consideration when selecting a wallpaper is the direct sunlight that the wall in question will be subjected to.The colors of the wallpaper will lose intensity over time, so if the wall is exposed to the sun, it is important to find a material that is resistant to it.Paper quality should ensure at least three thousand hours of direct sunlight.

In this bright room of the house two different wallpapers were chosen, which is a risky choice, but that can work very well, if you choose a right combination, as the image above demonstrates.

Increase font size

Striped wallpapers are one of the most traditional motifs we can find in catalogs. However, many are nothing classic. Combining colors and widths, you can achieve a modern end product, as the example above portrays – it is a wallpaper with horizontal stripes of different widths, offering a certain glamor to the room.The turquoise blue, when combined with brown or gold tones, as you can see with the lamps in the picture, can convert any room as the center of the house.

The Children’s Room

There are numerous different types of wallpaper.There are so many and so diverse, that the most pertinent question turns out to be: which one to choose?For children’s bedrooms, the key is to choose a wallpaper that is fun, cheerful and bright.As with the other rooms in the house, you can combine a wall with a pattern, with the remaining smooth walls.But let the children make the final decision, after all it is they who will live in that room.

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