Formaldehyde: The Substance That Makes it Dangerous Cosmetics

Withdrawn from the market about 50,000 cosmetic products containing a carcinogenic substance here is what you must be careful in reading the labels of cosmetics.
Often superficial avoids check the labels of purchased cosmetics. We rely on brands or certain features and functionality.
A few months ago the Prosecutor of Brescia seized 50 thousand cosmetic products for hair, containing “formaldehyde”, then sold throughout Italy, after that some women had been hospitalized following a smoothing treatment occurred in some salons. Formaldehyde is a substance very harmful chemical that is used to preserve some products from microbial contamination, is also found in some cosmetics, especially in varnishes and hair products .to the enamels this substance helps the adhesion and improves the application and the brightness, for shampoos and related facilitates ironing of the hair.

Today the regulations impose a maximum limit of formaldehyde in the product equal to 0.2%. Many cosmetic products (i.e. cosmetics bags on, particularly those for hair straightening, contain very high amounts of formaldehyde, also coming to formaldehyde concentrations of 9.5%.
The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified the chemical formaldehyde carcinogenic to humans, and has determined that it is one of the causes for nasopharyngeal tumors. It is always useful then check the product labels on which is shown the ‘INCI: international Nomenclature of Cosmetic ingredients or the international term used to indicate on the label the different ingredients.
To determine the formaldehyde must avoid products that contain them: I midazolidinyl Urea and Diazolidinyl Urea.