Frida Kahlo-Pride in Corset

She was the most famous artist of Mexico, best known for her painting as well as for her corset: now, Frida Kahlo is honored with exhibitions in New York and London. The first Queen of the Selfie show the world.
Frida Kahlo contracted polio at the age of six, with 18 you drill a steel rod in the body in a traffic accident. At the age of 22 she Diego Rivera marries for the first with 33 years to the second time. 1930, 1932, and 1934 she suffers miscarriage. Shortly after the third, you be removed some toes on the right, polio-deformed foot. At about this time, her husband Diego has an affair with her younger sister Cristina. Kahlo takes revenge later by she – after all, style – with Leo Trotsky sleeps for a Communist.
in 1944 the artist endures a spine operation, six more will follow. At the age of 44, Kahlo’s in a wheelchair – the late effects of polio. Shortly before her death will be amputated right leg below the knee, the gangrene has eaten it away. The following still pneumonia, then, officially, a pulmonary embolism, which leads to her death on July 13, 1954.
Their passion, which add to the drug addiction would, Kahlo has made a work, which is itself the main and protagonist. Numerous self portraits show an injured beauty, which attributes include the inventory of recent art history: the Mono brow, the facial hair, the butt, the terrible corset. On the occasion of its 60th anniversary of the death in the past year numerous volumes and books have been published, anywhere exhibitions opened her honor.
Many exhibits from Kahlo’s personal environment, she lived with her husband for many years in a house in Mexico City, in the famous Casa Azul – Mexico cannot leave, because Diego Rivera has so decreed it before his death.
For the exhibition “Frida” (Michael Hoppen Gallery, London) the Japanese photographer drove Miyako Ishiichi therefore to the Blue House. Around 300 everyday objects that belonged to the artist, has photographed there. We see nail polish bottles and sunglasses, but above all a Red skirt to a corset is planted. Plaster or steel were these forced shapewear that Frida Kahlo had to wear again and again due to their unstable, bent, damaged spine. In the painting “The broken column” of 1944 the artist is straight and yet broken pain woman who kept attitude in the suffering that is fastened in the corset.
Many famous photographers of the 20th century have portrayed Kahlo icon. The exhibition “Mirror mirror” in the York Throckmorton fine art gallery shows new the most beautiful shots. At the same time, the Botanical Garden of the city of the Mexican is dedicated to a solo exhibition: “Frida Kahlo: art, Garden, life” shows Kahlo’s closeness to nature in her paintings.
If we properly understand her last diary entry, then Kahlo don’t actually wanted this posthumous fame: when the artist was after long suffering life time with pneumonia in the hospital, she wrote the much-disputed lines: “I hope la departure – Cheerful and I hope to return no j”. I’m looking forward to the end, and I hope never to return.
The hospital and the life she didn’t, leave while at the age of 47, the world but because her art has remained. Kahlo’s Ikonenhaftigkeit is unmatched, her Counter-free emblazoned on cups, as otherwise only C and Guevara. In this respect, Frida is also the history, the first Queen of Selfie in their anger of representation of.