Fundstücke: New Retro Watches Under 500 Euro (Part 2)

BB´s with the retro watches and finds Friday goes further. Some watches by Seiko, orient and Tissot and I presented already you in December. Those who missed it, here’s to the article. He was apparently quite well by you. So now another article on the subject.
Who generally does not last long like-read here it goes directly to the Fund BOM (amazon affiliate link), which I created for you. If you like, look like in it. I have already presented some watches – I’ll still introduce some. Not some perhaps too. And supplement I will always return the list. But we come to today’s topic:

Fundstücke: New retro watches up to 500 euro

Here is some more watches in retro design as described in All of them are available currently for quite reasonable prices.Some of the selected watches are even less than 100 euros. Can you afford to so. Today in: the new edition a real Moonwatch, a pretty robust Quartz watches classic, nerdiges Gegentück and aDresswatch, which probably only few on the list have be. Let’s start with the watch that went to the Moon:

Retro watches-#1: Tip Bulova Moonwatch re-Edition (REF. 96 B 25 1)

Well, it was already a little surprise, as it was end of 2015, that the Omega Speedmaster was not the only watch on the moon. Because: A Bulova was also there-what was not communicating but for decades little or no. Because somehow she was not so officially on the ground… 😉 More about this can here or read about the links.
The regular price of this watch is around 600 euros-currently you get the Bulova Moonwatch on amazon for very fair 337 euros (affiliate link). To do this but have to say that this watch is subject to substantial price fluctuations. It may be so good that the price tomorrow or next week already again above. But don’t worry, the prices there seems to be every now and again.
And who has no problem with that, to spend more than $500, which can look also at the Bulova Moonwatch with metal bracelet (96 B 258) – their price is currently around 640 euros. The price difference is of course considerable in comparison to the offer above. Especially when you consider that this is a quartz watch. But as I already said in the first article of this watch: “for a quartz watch, this is not little (money)-for already an Moonwatch.”
We come to another “adventure”:

Retro watches-Tip #2: Casio G-shock DW-5600

Who would have thought: even G-shock new sets its clocks or continues undeterred and therefore belongs in the category retro watches. That may come as a surprise, but there are these clocks actually since over 30 years (!). And the robust “Quarzer” from the 80s/90s have still a considerable fan base.
Who think so about it to bind a G-shock, which should definitely above, a look at the model that throw G-Shock DW-5600 (amazon affiliate link), back to the arm. It is not only the first G-shock (DW-5000C) dating back to 1983 lookalike, but currently at a price about 80 euros to have (amazon affiliate link).Who something modern like it and it wants to put another one, look up the model G-shock GW-M5610-1ER with radio and solar function for currently around 114 euros on (amazon affiliate link). Externally the clocks differ little.
No matter which version you now choose-the price for such a classic Edition is really very, very moderate. So moderate, themselves, that I think even a G-shock to go for me. Although I have some (old) have… And the special thing about these watches: you are not only very robust-their batteries last even legendary “forever”. I can confirm that from personal experience (see also here).
The DW-5600 there by the way, dozens of color variations and limited editions:
And who so correctly retro’s, which can look at again these old acquaintances from Casio 😉
Price also these watches in the double-digit range-are the black retro clock with calculator get on amazon about 20 euro (affiliate link). The Golden and more “modern”-looking Casio there for around 60 Euro.
After all the digital, tough-& be a dress watch now:

Retro watches-#2: Tip Hamilton Jazzmaster Thinline

The Hamilton Jazzmaster Thinline (amazon affiliate link) belongs to the Uhrenreihene, which deserves some more attention. The retro design is managed and the current amazon prices from 340 euros for the Hamilton Jazzmaster with White Dial and 375 Euro with blue dial (partners) are quite moderate.Originating at least for a watch with this design, sapphire glass and from prestigious House. Because Hamilton is, much like Tissot, Swatch Group and can be offered according to watches in reasonable quality. Here you will find a beautifully illustrated review this watch.
Because it is located in these retro clocks not mechanical, but quartz watches, I recommend you have this article: the quartz watch – what do they cost? And which to buy? Everything else is up to you then 🙂