Future Bike Lights

Lights for bicycle of the future
Visibility is one of the major concerns of the rider in it comes to security. A good equipment and good for bike lights will make you more visible to other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists, and also to improve your visibility. But let’s not kid ourselves. Aesthetics and modernity also concern us, so we have compiled more modern for bike lights and cool that we have found in various parts of the world. I anticipate what will be trend in a few years in this area, from bicycle led lights, up lights for bicycle mountain, city, etc.

Lights for bicycle Revolight
They occupy 1/3 of the wheel and are installed within it. They are really striking, especially in movement, then rotate they emit a beam of light very modern and useful, that will help us see better, and be visible to others.
Its spectacular resides on the visual effect. Lights bicycle led that are attached to the wheel to provide visibility of are 360 degrees. They have four hours and they can be recharged via usb.
Lights that anticipate changes in land
This model, known as lumigrids, is a set of lights for mountain bikes, since that anticipates differences in relief, through a system of grid that is marking the land which you are going to spend. Provides safety and visibility to the cyclist, in conditions of rapidly changing relief. You will understand the concept perfectly with the image below.
Lights on the handlebars
These LED bicycle lights are located in several points of the handlebar and end of pole (central bar that starts from the Centre of the front wheel and serves in conjunction with the handlebar). On an aesthetic level, this system of lighting flashes in such a way that it causes a really innovative visual effect. But there is more. The created system includes a GPS Locator and connection with smartphones via bluetooth.
Lighting system
Similar to the EBICYCLELIGHTS, but with the main difference that these helmet lights are not inserted into the front of the wheel, they are located on the rim. They occupy the entire circumference of the wheel and increase the options of being seen by others.
Price lights for bicycles
The price of these lighting fixtures varies between 150 and 350 euros. Some of them are not even marketed in Spain so it will have to wait to find out where to buy lights for bikes so modern as that you have shown in this article. Terms are available in our shop online (link to the store) you will be informed of this so that you can test these lighting fixtures baptized in the world of cycling as the lights of the future.