Galaxy Tab to The Range Average of Samsung Tablet Comes to Spain

Long ago we knew of the existence of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A or try the Koreans for its philosophy of A series to the tablet format. I.e., sacrificing hardware but spoil the design to get a very attractive device in factor form. We met her in curious, through Russian leaks, but in short you reach Spain.
Samsung Spain has confirmed that the Galaxy Tab to go on sale the month of June and, to promote their sales, has launched a campaign of preserves on several commercial surfaces where it gives a case. If ye do not remember what offered this model, you do a review of your specifications.

A mid-range tablet with a but

This time Samsung wanted to unify the formats and A Tab will come in one size: 9.7 inch with a ratio of four thirds. That Yes, there will be three options to choose from, a WiFi model, another LTE and finally a WiFi which will include S-Pen accessory, a digital pen that we’ve already seen in other terminals of the family Note.
The SoC will have a processor of Quad-Core 1.2 GHz with 2GB RAM and 6,000 mAh battery, This latter detail one of the strengths of this model. The screen, that Yes, aims to be the Achilles heel of this terminal: resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels points to a very low screen density and probably a panel that walks away from expectations.
As software we have Android 5.0 Lollipop and a few offers in the form of what the Koreans have been released as Samsung Deals: a free year to Orbyt, discounts on Just Eat… We don’t yet have the final list with all new developments that we will when the tablet reaches our hands.
Prices for the three models are the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi: 299 EUR
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab at WiFi+LTE: 369 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi+S-pen: 349 euros

The cover that is included in the reserve of the Galaxy Tab is similar to which came with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. covers the front and the back of the tablet but also can be bent back to use the slightly reclining device.