Ways to Reduce Plastic Bottle Waste

When you’re away from home and a small thirst begins to show his nose, it often ends up buying a drink in the adjacent shop. The problem is that in addition to being expensive and being wrapped in plastic or aluminum, this drink is often be very sweet (or containing products to avoid such as sweeteners or dyes artificial). Thirst as hunger walk: when thirsty and in front of a stall filled with sweet and colorful drinks, one is tempted to choose one of them, rather than a water bottle.

To avoid generating waste, affecting his health or empty his wallet simply to drink when you are not at home is easy. For my part, I prepare before leaving quickly a drink that I love . It may be a simple syrup diluted in water, of water flavored with lemon juice or fresh mint (leave mint sprigs crushed stand overnight in water in the refrigerator), etc. But the one I prefer is the iced tea. It could not be easier: add in a cold water jug a big teaspoon of coffee bought in bulk (the best in my opinion is with black tea flavored with fruit) and sugar if you want, and let rest a few hours to overnight in the refrigerator. Upon leaving, filter the drink with a Chinese without plastic (think compost tea leaves if you can). Pour it into a thermos flask stainless steel (stainless steel). The drink will thus remain fresh for several hours and will be in contact with either plastic or with aluminum ( click here to see how to choose your running water bottle! ).

What I particularly like in this recipe is that it is not necessary to heat the water. This saves time and energy (electricity or gas)!

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