What is Yoga?

What is yoga?

Yoga (Sanskrit: “union”) is not only the practice of complex body postures. In simple words, the ancient discipline that originated in India is an invitation to bring attention to the body, mind and breathing. This means that includes: yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation. Through them, the body and mind experience a harmonious union pacifying the mind, bringing it to the present moment, and massages the organs while removing stress and tension in muscles and joints.

The Art of Living Yoga – The key to healthy living.

Have you noticed that during the daily grind hardly have time to pay attention to your mind and body?  The Art of Living Yoga gives you a space to connect and give it a deep rest both the mind and body. The main objective of the course is to achieve harmony between mind, body and breath, as well as correct any imbalance that can cause back pain, heavy legs, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, etc. The Art of Living Yoga is a complete experience that leads you to a healthier life. See Yoga faqs.
Yoga for everyone.

Believe it or not, yoga has never been alien to us. It is part of our lives and until we have practiced when we were babies. From the cat stretch to strengthen the spine to the provechito to boost digestion, you will always see the kids do some yoga move at any time of day. Now it’s time to return to practice and the Art of Living Yoga can be your guide. Here, you will find a proposal for both beginners and advanced. Everyone can benefit from yoga courses, regardless of age or physical condition.
The benefits of Yoga.

The benefits of yoga are endless: shape the body, gain strength and flexibility, oxygenate and massage internal organs, purify the mind, free from negative emotions, improve communication and expand your creativity. Yoga is the answer to a better and longer life.

We invite you to participate in the experience The Art of Living Yoga.


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