Geisha Makeup, Hairstyle and Styling Tips

I have here a simple Makeup Geisha makeup before you and to some background knowledge to geishas and their traditional makeup and styling.

What Are Geisha?

Geisha are entertainers, formed in poetry, painting, music, dance and literature. First these men, who worked at the Japanese Court were Interestingly, it was only in the 17th century the first women began to practise this profession.
The heyday of Geisha as affordable entertainers and Styletrendsetter was in the 18th and 19th century, then changed its role to preserving traditional Japanese arts and their services have been exclusive.
In Japan’s cities, there was entertainment district named Flower street (“flowers district”), where geishas in female extended family in a House called okiya, together lived in the past. Today there are only still some the most famous a few flower district and also stopped many geishas, in Kyoto, the center of Japanese geisha culture.


Essential for a Geisha make-up is the white makeup base. One of the main reasons for the white face of a Geisha is, that the white color reflects light very well. Because as geishas in the evening and at night earlier in the flickering candlelight performed, she and her facial expressions were much more visible.
And to equally already even anticipate that: definitely do not take white Carnival makeup for the first coat. This is properly stained after a very short time, if you get it at all reasonable and applied evenly and looks absolutely unnatural. Here, one must invest a few bucks and go to white or very light cake makeup or makeup from the professional needs. It’s normal bright makeup from the drugstore No, because it doesn’t have enough white opacity.
Applying the white primer used in Japan with a makeup Itahake brush is a traditional ritual and there is a prescribed manner as we proceed in curved upward. In addition, a sponge is used to the brush to absorb the excess moisture in the color at the end.
The neck is with only partially melted and the special “v” or “w” shape that releases the brush on bare skin, has an erotic meaning and stands for sensuality. In addition, the release of naked skin to front create the illusion of a mask at the hairline.
We do of course not as complicated, but to deal also with a wide and solid brush, if necessary with a makeup sponge. The lips and eyebrows are also completely with makeup.

Geisha Makeup Eyes

A Geisha makeup generally demands delicate and very high eyebrows with proper makeup bags from Findjobdescriptions.
You can draw these with eyeliner and the corresponding brush, using a black eyebrow pencil or even a brown-red pencil.
I’ve drawn my eyebrows slightly above my own eyebrows, so not really notice my own eyebrows. The eyebrow is not curved, but rather smart.
Can be also significantly advanced slightly oblique a thin line over your own eyebrows upward, who no longer goes down. This ensures a very surprised look and also more enters direction of kabuki theater, so in the dramatically exaggerated.
Then we continue with the eyeliner. Here, you can let off steam and also to experiment.
Traditionally is a rather thick eyeliner on the upper Lash line, which has a sufficiently far beyond the eyes sweep upwards.
I’ve decided to work much with the eye shadow and use eyeliner, because I have very round eyes and not yet want to emphasize this above and below, in particular in the eye.
Right red opaque eye shadow makeup requires a real Geisha. Red Rouge is actually not so well suited, because the pigmentation and opacity is simply not as strong as in a shadow.
What does it exactly with the eye shadow, is makeup the most exciting part of the Geisha as you here experimentally can play something. My eyelids are completely stressed also in the inner corner of the eye. In addition, I have pulled the eye shadow from the inner corner of the eye to the upper part of the nose along and visually narrowed so the nose.
Then, I have top more eye shadow from the outer corner of the eye and on the upper cheek cooking. I used a brush and carefully veneered. That’s why I have applied also no Rouge, that red enough from the eye shadow. My photos look quite subtly in this respect, but the Flash has swallowed a lot here. It looked very striking in nature.
The eyelashes are drawn up and down vigorously with black mascara. This time no false eyelashes, because the shape of the eyes should be the focus.

Lips – A Special Effect in the Geisha

The Geisha make-up is completed by a small red Flower bud on only a small portion of the lips is painted to mimic a “supernatural” smile.
Maiko (Geisha apprentices) paint just a small part of her lower lip in the first year of training, their upper lip remains white.
To paint out exactly red mini mouth with lipstick and lip liner.
I personally don’t like the tiny drawn mouths and therefore opt for a medium variant, which is reminiscent of a still more or less natural mouth and white leaves only the corners of the mouth.

Rouge in Variants

I used no Rouge itself, but you can do makeup but this of course depending on the Geisha. It used strong red Rouge and Rouge brush.
The Rouge can be used below the cheekbones and angular slanted pulled up or circular hole located on the cheeks, which produces a more entrancedly look.

Geisha Hairstyle

Completed is the Geisha make-up with the appropriate hairstyle. I’m here wearing a Geisha wig, which I’ve decorated with artificial flowers.
The hairstyles of Geisha have changed repeatedly in the course of history. The traditional Shimada impersonated by my wig is best known for top hairstyle, a way of chignon on their heads, which evolved in the 17th century.
In addition, Geisha hairstyles are decorated with elaborate Hair Combs and hairpins (Feeling). To do this, you can use chopsticks from the China shop well. You put it simply left and right in the node.
Earlier, the Geisha girls slept with their necks on small supports (Takara), instead of pillows so that the hair was not destroyed.
Nowadays many fully trained Geisha use wigs in their professional lives, while maiko with her natural hair work. This must be maintained regularly by specially qualified craftsmen, because in the course of time, the elaborate Geisha hairstyle can cause hair loss on the top of the head. The traditional styling of Geisha hair is a slowly dying art.


Geisha wear always a kimono. So are I don’t have something to hang the least in her closet, why I substitute me with a Chinese Quipao, I bought a few years ago in a China shop.
In Japan, maikos very colorful kimono with extravagant obis, which is a kind of very wide belt wear. The obi is always brighter than the kimono, to produce an optical balance. An obi can be integrated into different styles, which were also used by region. Older Geisha wear muted patterns and styles, especially the obi in a simple knot is tied.
The kimono maiko has one in addition to the long dangling ends of the obi also still heavy sleeve with name “furi”, hanging to the ground. During a dance or performance, maiko must wrap sleeves around their arms so that she are not tangled. It’s not easy.
Color, pattern and style of the kimono is dependent on the season and the event, visited the Geisha. When it’s cold, lined kimono are worn and unlined while the Sommers. Die making a kimono can take 2-3 years, because they are incredibly lavishly painted and embroidered. These kimonos are very valuable, so to speak Japanese haute couture.
Geisha wear outdoor sandals with flat soles ” daybreak ” called, and for indoor use only “subject” (white toe Socks). Called Geisha can, wooden shoes, put on in bad weather. Maiko wear a special wooden shoe as ” gets ” known.