Geovision to Launch Hd-Sdi Solution to Meet Solution Demand

Geovision to launch HD-SDI solution to meet demand for megapixel resolution through coaxial cabling. The new line consists of a WDR HD-SDI box (GV-SDI-BX100) and a 4-channel HD-SDI hardware compression card (GV-SDI-204). They are seamlessly integrated with GV-DVR, a tri-brid video management platform that supports the combination of analog, IP and HD-SDI CCTV cameras.
Live HD display quality, Zero image loss and latency.
For installation sites that require uncompressed digital video or HD quality with zero image loss and live view latency (such as casinos or banks), or where the analog infrastructure is still functional, HD-SDI provides a perfect choice for installers offer high-definition benefits to customers without having to operate outside their comfort zone.
Complete line of accessories to support HD-SDI
GeoVision support for your HD-SDI solution is quite complete. For example, for long-distance installation, GeoVision provides the GV-SDI repeater, and for monitor with HDMI input, the GV-SDI-to-HDMI converter could be used.
Up to 32 channels in a tri-brid system
With the current solution, GV-SDI-204 (a 4-channel HD-SDI capture card with hardware compression) supports up to 4 similar cards to form 16 Full HD HD-SDI channels in one system. By adding analog or IP cameras, up to 32 channels of surveillance solution can be formed.
More HD-SDI cameras will be released soon after the box cameras WDR acts