Get a Bag

I want to show you how to make a bag.
Materials needed:
-Feather, mine is of divine fabrics.
-Backing, we can choose a fabric backing or cotton that you like. In my case is a printed lining.
-We will need wadding or bag stabilizer.
. Thread, scissors, markers, pins and needles…
-A piece of skin for handles
-Machine snap and snap to our liking, what miso is of Divine fabricsalso
The first thing we do is to cut two rectangles in synthetic leather and lining, that will be the bag. The measures will be 50 cm wide, 22 cm high. We can cut two rectangles of this measure or one double, taking advantage of the fold to avoid the base seam.
Also cut into lining fabric a few rectangles for budgets, we will make two pockets, one zip and one open, but with three sections, cut 2 rectangles of 25 by 17 to zipper pocket and one of 30 by 17 which will be another Pocket.
We will also cut a rectangle 10 by 18, this will use it to put a locking carabiner and always localized keys.
The first thing we will do will be sewing the lining pockets, we take of 30 by 17 and it finish off all around, then we see where we want to put it and sew it on the sides and base lining, once this stitched do paragraphs that we want to do, with the mobile measurement, we seam to be able to get mobile, another at the Center for a ballpoint pen and would be us three pockets within this large, three sections very practical to store our stuff.
To make the zipper pocket, I first thing I do is in lining fabric I sew a rectangle of fabric, I have chosen pink stick to the lining of the bag, just where ira zipper, coso rectangle to then open with scissors just inside that seam and turn, there anger zipper, the seam will be of a centimeter wide and long the same length of the zipper.
Then once put the zipper, by the part of inside bag coseremos rectangles of the Pocket and Pocket would already be finished.
Finally with pockets, strip cut to the carabiner, we sew it inside out in half, turn and what we do will be put above the Pocket we did open in three, so the keys to save them in one of the pockets.
The following will be sewing the sides and base lining, to then make a seam at the base and give the width as you can see in the picture below.
Our backing finished, now we sew the feather, the part of the outside of the bag, join the sides and base and then make the width of the base shape as you see here.
We unite for a sewing the part of backing with the outside on top of the bag and we put our handles and decoration. But before we sew the handles and front pocket.
And now we will cut the handles and decoration in chocolate brown leather.
Short handles: 40 cm by 5 cm in width.
Decorative ribbons, 15 cm width 0.7.
Tape to attach handle shoulder bag: 3 cm by 1 cm
Shoulder handle: 70 cm by 5 cm
Exterior pocket, 14 cm by 12 cm and 14 cm by 3 cm flap
Two rectangles for the handles of hand, one large shoulder bag from EwenZhou handle and a narrow strips of decoration. This anger a little to our liking.
Here you can see how they are sewn the short handles and Pocket, that also will put some snap and it will be perfect.
You can also see decorative narrow ribbons to put them on the side of bag and just above shoulder bag-handle.
Because we have our finished bag and here you can see how at the end.
Here you have the video tutorial in which you can see much clearer and better explained steps.