Get the Jewelery that Will Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Life can sometimes be fantastic.You can relax in the open air, sunbathe in the bright sun and let yourself be greeted by a gentle sea breeze over the face.In addition a colorful tropical cocktail and some fresh pineapple.Now have a little look over the snow-white sandy beach and …. you wake up.Oh crap, again just a daydream.There is a sun here and there.Only somehow grad not now.Warm temperatures? Wrong!And the next vacation is still far away or has been far too long back.What you can do now, I’d like to tell you today.Because with the right jewelry you will wear the South Seas Feeling in gray rainy days.

1. How you get the South Sea to your wrist

If the Fernweh-Blues hits again completely, you can simply surrender to him or you can help him something by bringing a piece of world and a holiday feeling as accessories into the house.Lamenting about the once again bad, domestic spring and summer weather, everyone can.This is often too easy.But now honestly, it is still much nicer, if one simply simply does not participate.This is not so difficult.Do you have the summer holiday before you?Then beautify the countdown until then.Your holiday on the most beautiful beaches in the world is already behind and the next beach visit is not yet in sight?This is not bad either.Because you have surely brought some nice souvenirs with you.Just pick it up and bring back the memories.Perhaps you even brought back beautiful jewelery, in which you fell in love with that time immortal.And now think back, when you last borne.There is not too colorful or too bright now.Carry him and you will be better at once.;)
What is still really hot is colorful bracelets with which you can display the country colors of the individual countries.This can be a cohesive bracelet set or single bracelets or bracelets from 3RJEWELRY that you simply wear in the colors of your holiday country.It will always be colorful, no matter how gray the sky is.And you can combine them again and again.So you can show where it is with the next vacationer for you or where you last strolled over the beach promenades.The idea I find personally super, because it is never boring, as it offers so many combination possibilities.Are you dreaming of exotic countries, today Brazil, tomorrow India and over?Try it out and get better in seconds.

2. Sea noise and tropical cocktails

Colorful chains with glass stones or iridescent pearls. Both can stand for leave. No matter if you have discovered colorful corals in the South Seas or snorkeled in the North Sea, there are always the appropriate accessories that can bring you back those memories. Colorful chains with glass stones in all colors catch even the smallest sunbeam and are always in the trend, because they are available in every conceivable color. Blue color nuances evoke associations with the sea, intense red tones and unusual shapes look like the corals that you have captured on your vacation photos. And also with pearls the selection is really huge. They always look particularly classy, ​​fit practically to every outfit and almost every one of us has her already in the jewelry box at home.
Again, what you like is always going.No matter what trend is.Even “old” jewelry you can upgrade.Chains can be transformed, for example, into the most beautiful holiday sands with the help of trailers.Seahorses, starfish or small fish are the viewer’s neck and do not follow their “real” fellow-species.Also begging bracelets can be trimmed for holiday.A couple of new charms and beads and already the holiday is again very close to you.
You have not found the matching holiday decoration yet?Then let our inspiration inspire you and browse through the wide assortment you can find at’ve already given you a couple of beautiful pieces that can satisfy your wanderlust again.But of course this is only a small selection.

3.DIY holiday accessories

You’re still not really happy, the wanderlust has not let itself be breast-fed yet?Well, then I have a tip for you: Make your own holiday reminder completely plastic.So it does not exist anymore in your heads, you have it as a jewel with you.You do not need much.You still have some shells from the last beach visit?Then you certainly know the decoration tip, simply to put it in a glass bowl or vase and to bring so a little sea feeling home.But it is also different.Shells can also look great as accessories.With a drill, you can drill tiny holes and wear them as necklaces, earrings or bracelets.It is important, however, that you always pay attention to whether you can take the mussels from the beach.Each country has its own regulations.If you do not have matching mussels, then there are also those in decoration shops and furnishing houses to buy cheap.And so you create a holiday chain with mussels:

You need:

  • Shellfish
  • Leather band or fabric tapes, beads
  • Drills (glass drills, diamond drills etc.) or pointed nail or needle

Place the shell on a very firm surface and fix it well.It can not be hollow, or it will break quickly.Now carefully drill a small hole into the shell, with thin mussels you can also try with a nail or a needle.Once you have done that, pull the tape through the shell.If you want to prevent the shell from slipping on the band, place a small knot in front of the hole from both sides.Alternatively, you can also attach a pearl in front of it.And already you are ready and have a nice, individual vacation chain.If you want to wear the necklace as a bracelet, just wrap it around your arm a couple of times, just knot it together.Two accessories in one and at the same time the Fernweh blues combats, that is something, right?
Have fun trying out, browsing and indulging in holiday memories!