Getting Pregnant without Maternity Clothes Become Creative!

Without circumstance fashion beautiful and chic through the pregnancy? That’s no problem: with a few simple tricks, you may come around with some extra issues.
Chic, stylish, sexy: the fashion of circumstance is now available in many colors and shapes. But with a little creativity you can save yourself the purchase of pregnancy fashion and still look beautiful and fashionable. The tricks for styling can be found here.
Circumstance Fashion Does Not Have To Be
Especially at the beginning of pregnancy, it is no problem to get along without maternity clothes via OXFORDASTRONOMY. In the first few months, others do not see anything anyway and as soon as the baby tummy begins to grow, they can begin to buy the garments simply a bigger number – and then later two or even three. So you can stay true to your style without any major problems.
In addition, there are countless garments that are not maternity clothes and are nevertheless ideal for pregnant women, as they provide enough space for the baby. For example, dresses in Empire style. Whether elegant, athletic or casual, the selection of such dresses is great. Also wonderfully suited to leave enough space for the abdomen are blouses or tops in trapezoid form. In summer, you can also buy a nice large cloth and tie it as a skirt or dress.
But of course, in pregnancy, you don’t just have to wear wide things: as long as your tummy isn’t squashed, you can also wear wonderfully tight-lying things that accentuate your figure. Parts or stretch dresses are a great way to do this. Another way to get through the pregnancy without maternity clothes is to look into the closet of your partner. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a nice shirt that you can wear with the buttons open below to jeans?
What About Pants?
Many women do not want to miss a pair of trousers during pregnancy. In this case, there are several ways to look chic without any circumstance fashion. At the beginning of the pregnancy you can simply pull a rubber band through the buttonhole and around the button of your trousers and close them so. Simply combine a long and wide upper part, then nobody sees it. Also suitable in pregnancy are stretch.