Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day on a long weekend! This is rare and a great occasion to dedicate itself once again to the family. Perhaps with a joint spa trip to the sea. Or with a wishing-you-what-weekend, where everyone can wish for a special day. Lots of space for unforgettable experiences, deep relaxation, moments of surprise and small touches. If you are looking for inspiration, we have put together suitable gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Share Your Experiences

Your mother likes experiences and you lack the ideas? Then take a look at the gift boxes of Jochen Schweizer. Whether for the lifelong adventurer, the romantics or the travel fan – with these suggestions and vouchers you can do nothing wrong and be prepared for mother’s day.


At home it is just so cozy, but a bit of wellness would not be bad? Why not enjoy a spa day in your own home. The Hammam massage oil from Rituals, for example, with which the wellness temple feeling in Domestic bathroom can conjure. The right massage stimulates the circulation and helps to get rid of the harmful substances. The result: Relaxed muscles and ultra-soft skin.
For a radiant complexion, the facial oil of Dr. our site ensures that the skin is refined with the help of carrot, almond oil and marigold. The Intensive Spray Care by Annemarie our site provides a brilliant appearance for the hair and fragrance candles, such as “Belle our site”, provide the right spa aroma. In addition, the beautiful bathrobe “Birds in Paradise” in the typical Pip-Studio look, which elicits me personally a longing sighing.

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day for the Soul

When the body is relaxed, it is time for a bit of soul-care. Maternal life has little to do with high legs. Since it is not so easy to switch off at the push of a button. A great compromise is the color book “Come to rest”, which promises peaceful minutes with filigree images from the realm of birds, fish, butterflies and flowers. While the hands work, the soul is let loose. In addition, a cappuccino from the flowery Sheep world cup “Mama, you are the best!” And already he is there: the perfect moment.

Our site

Speaking of moments – especially mothers love to recollect. This can be done with a photo album in your hand, but also with a Pandora bracelet. Finally, every pendant of this modern begging bracelet symbolizes a special moment. The selection of matching charms for Mother’s Day is huge. For example, a silver heart with our site stone in pink and the inscription “Mum”.


Instead of reminiscing Mom likes to smell in fragrances? If the Mother’s Day weather does not stop, CK One Summer will ring our favorite season in the green-blue our site with lime and coconut milk. Radiant yellow, Sunflowers in the gift set with Eau de Toilette and Body lotion still sets a portion of cheerfulness top.

Bags and More for Mother’s Day

Tip: Instead of in gift paper, you can hand over your Mother’s Day gifts in a stylish folding bag from our site, which is available in numerous prints. For example, in the sugar bag “Lollipop” or in the bag “Paris”. You can find more suggestions about Mother’s Day at Our site in the section Mother’s Day gifts.
You want to give your mother something self-made? We also have lovely DIY gift ideas for you, such as delicious recipes for Mother’s Day or great DIY Mother’s Day cards.