Gigaset S795

Noblesse oblige – this also applies to the S-class of the Gigaset phones, which, after all, usually with around 100 euros. The last version, the Gigaset S67x, ambition and reality cavalierly apart however something: plastic charm and shaky buttons are not what expected of the customer from a top device, although in this model the technology was ultimately exalted beyond any doubt.

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Taken the criticism to heart

Criticism has emerged from the SHC, Siemens Gigaset communications, arrived in product management in Munich as well as with the developers and the production in Bocholt. As to anticipate – the youngest baby Gigaset S795 is a true S-class again.

So the luxury-DECT offers already on the outside with his mix of materials: the shell is still made of plastic, the buttons are covered with metal but what gives the whole a significant look. There is praise this time also for the processing of the keys: since nothing jiggles, the pressure points are clearly defined and acoustically so much vocally as the famous bite in a Magnum ice cream – you can disable confidently the key tone to confirm this.

A small gripe we have but: the numbers are not printed on the keys, but saved in the metal, so that they shine. This works beautifully in the dark, even when the keypad backlighting in standby mode is disabled. Standing against it in a bright environment, you can read the paragraph caption by the backlight harder.

Rocker button and socket fastening

New and extremely practical: On the right side of the handset a rocker button for a comfortable adjustment of the volume, which does their service also during the conversation can be found now. Also positive: under the # button a handle for the microphone mute function – there you had to try the menu so far.

Also the headset connector that not with a sharp-edged Bush sucks like at the Gigaset C385, but clean and safe can be closed by rubber polymer is useful. The cover is however loose in the carton; would be inserted, at the delivery that would once again underlined the value claim.

Improvements in the display

Also there to the positive changes recorded in the display: the 1.8-inch TFT field can represent over 65000 colors and now default inverse displays fonts, what improves the readability of some small menu labels – still a bigger menu script would have not harmed the S795. After all, you can switch the display of the phone book and the display of names for incoming calls in a jumbo mode (please see right above a size comparison in the display photos).

Under the shell waits for a USB port

But also under the shell is worth so much to the appearance, as here, a micro-USB connector is attached next to the battery compartment for two standard nickel-metal hydride batteries. Thus, the customer can connect the handset using a commercially available USB cable to the PC or Mac and sync software available with Outlook via the free and on Good German: You can comfortably maintain its contacts to the computer in Outlook and then transfer by pressing a key in the S795. Another benefit of the USB connection: CLIP pictures, ringtones and software updates to also find their way into the handset.

Although arises the question of why the USB jack under the rear cover is attached, but usually involves contacting rarely, so it should play no role in the practice. Much more likely you could use a Bluetooth radio interface – on the one hand, to wirelessly transfer contacts, but also to connect a Bluetooth headset. But here, at the end, the price was crucial, and so this feature is reserved almost exclusively the more expensive SL devices. Should however be demand from the commercial, you would probably at Gigaset also consider a Bluetooth variant of S795.

But back to the topic contacts: up to 500 entries remembers the phone with up to three phone numbers, an E-Mail address and date of birth can be assigned to each entry. There remain hardly needs. Also not the calendar with appointment reminder and alarm, which is even adjusted, that he should be resting on the weekend.

In terms of reduction in radiation at the front

Leader remains Gigaset also with the S795 in terms of radiation reduction and power consumption: just 1.1 Watt approved the device in the connect– mix, this is a really good value. In addition, the upper class-DECT dominates all available methods of reducing radiation. Called eco-plus, as the full eco mode, the base disables the broadcasting of the otherwise permanent Sync signal (dummy bearer) whenever is not on the phone – regardless of whether the handset is in the base or not.

Also the number of the registered handsets does not matter, it is only important that the other handsets also dominate the Gigaset ECO plus mode. Who dispenses with maximum range, can also manually reduce the transmitting power of the base. This is true when in addition the full eco mode for the transmission power during the interview when disabled full eco mode in addition to the dummy bearer.

Also welcome: If you call in the immediate vicinity of the base station, also the handset lowers its transmission power. That reduces the electromagnetic fields in the flat on one side and protects the battery on the other. And this is sorely needed at least in its initial state, because in this the backlight is permanently enabled, what shrinks the meager 62 hours standby time. Full eco mode enabled the S795 only on good is 42 hours – since going to the base station is necessary then almost every evening, in which also the charger is installed. But there are remedies, and quite simply: to disable the backlight duration from the menu, the standby time is extended by about 100 hours.

Top sound, good answering machine

In terms of sound Gigaset has made even a step forward, which made the listening tests for impression; The reason for the acoustic enjoyment is the better encapsulated housing. Also, the speakerphone is second to none. On top of that, the handset controlled HD telephony thanks to CAT-iq technology; This can use the customer but then if the handset on a special base is booked and the conversation partner has a corresponding telephone. With good sound of House serves the answering machine, which leaves nothing to be desired in terms of operation and storage capacity: around 45 minutes the unit overall record, the most important commands can be executed either on the keyboard or on the handset.

Clever details

But also the facilities of the telephone is appropriate to the class: in addition to the above-mentioned refinements can wait on the S795 with timed ringtones – as can be, in what period of time you want to be bothered. Also on board: A filter function that causes that callers with suppressed number are only optical signals. It’s almost a shame that call center may no longer call with disabled number. Here, a black list would make sense with the customer specific number circles such as, for example, 01805-numbers of the Jingle – preventing a suggestion for future firmware updates.


As far as features, significantly decreases the speed of innovation for DECT phones without IP connection. Gigaset wants to achieve a diversification in higher-priced devices here by quality, design and material mix. Absolutely succeeded in the Gigaset S795 compared to its predecessor and also to the competition. The backlight in the delivery status is disabled, the device had best chances on the top of the leaderboards. Thus remain impeccable 411 points and a clear purchase recommendation.

Technical data and test results

Caller display CLID / optical call signaling /
Display alphanumeric / Max digits of phone number / 32
Number ringtones handset / base 21 / 21
Paging (handset search) / key lock /
Lighting display / keyboard /
Speakerphone on the handset
Headset connector
Baby monitor / vibrating alert /
Radiation reduction: Eco-mode / fully eco fashion /
Transmitting power of based on manually drosselbar
dynamic power of the handset
Bluetooth interface
senior-friendly / outdoor fitness /
Firmware update of possible handset
CAT-iq (vb): handset / system /
If color display: the number colors / resolution (pixels) 65536 / 128 x 160
SMS / text input help / RSS feeds / /
Caller list: memories / visual signalling 60 /.
Memory phonebook / phone numbers per contact 500 / 3
Phone book: Name, first name separately / characters per name / 16
VIP ring tone / picture CLIP /
Battery type / standard batteries NiMh /.
Total system power consumption in Watts (mix) 1.1
Charging station separately from base station
Max a bookable handsets 6
Answering machine / sister model without answering machine / S790
Data retention when power failure / remote access /
Keyboard / display on the base /
Length of the announcement / registration messages 02:49 / 44:59
Operating time standby / …mit full eco mode (hh: mm) / (hh: mm) 212:48 / 86:34
Operating time conversation (hh: mm) 12:27
Sensitivity dBSPL 105.6
Max SPL dB SPL 106
dBm Max line level 2.7
Distortion / frequency response (points v 14 / 15) 8 / 12
DBm transmission level -13.8
dBm Max line level 0.3
Max SPL dB SPL 111
Distortion / frequency response (points v 14 / 15) 7 / 11
Weight of the handset (grams) 124
ENDURANCE (50) good (39)
Standby time / talk (25 / 25) 25 / 14
EQUIPMENT up 175 very good (159)
Basic functions / comfort (55 / 50) 55 / 47
Phone number management (35) 32
Power supply & radiation (15) 12
Power consumption (5) 5
Multimedia and messaging / special functions (10 / 5) 7 / 1
HANDLING maximum (175) very good (151)
Menu / keyboard (70 / 20) 61 / 17
Display / handling (25 / 25) 21 / 23
Workmanship / operating instructions 20 / 10) 18 / 9
Weight 5 2
SOUND Max (100) good (79)
Laboratory values receiving / sending (50 / 50) 34 / 45
CONNECT judgment Max 500 points very good (428.0)
tested in issue: 11 / 09


Standby time / talk 25 / 25
Basic functions 55
Comfort features 50
Phone number management 35
Power supply & radiation 20
Multimedia and messaging 10
Special functions 5
HANDLING maximum 175
Menu / keyboard 70 / 20
Display / handling 25 / 25
Workmanship / operating instructions 20 / 10
Dimensions & weight 5
Laboratory phone handset on the head received / send 40 / 30
Laboratory phone handset speakerphone received / send 15 / 15
CONNECT judgment Max 500 points
tested in issue: