Gladiator Sandals: How to Use, Tips, Photos

There are some seasons ago the gladiator sandals were super high and after some time of forgetfulness, they came back with everything, because they are the face of summer. The model of gladiator sandals is that full of moorings, which have strips that most often go up to the ankles or in cases of models more daring, can go up the calf.
The gladiator sandals are available in several brands and by various prices, some of them very democratic, that fit very well in the Brazilian pocket. Check out some tips on  how to wear the gladiator sandal!

Gladiator Sandals: Summer 2013 Fashion

The year 2013 has come full of trends and one of them is the gladiator sandal, which can leave a basic and simple look or even turn a look into something more daring and ethnic.
To  wear the gladiator sandal  in more relaxed and fun looks, the tip is bet on the models with thicker straps, which have many moorings. This model is beautiful both in the version with heel as in the case of the creep, which besides giving that face of warrior, is still super comfortable.
Tips for using skirts
The  undefeated gladiator  in the underwear model fits well with all biotypes, ie tall, short, thin, thin, thick-legged women, everyone can use without being harmed! This model looks great with relaxed looks, like ethnic style dresses(with embroidery or pedrarias), basic jeans shorts, vests, fringe handbags and more.
The  sandal gladiator long-barreled , that very high that reminds us of an ‘open bootie’ is indicated for women who are more longilíneas, ie that are taller and thin, because the model you just end up flattening the silhouette visually and Giving the impression that the legs are thicker.
Another trend that is coming up with everything and mixing the gladiator sandals are the spikes and studs, which arise in fashion sandals models with more spaced and thick strips. The spikes were a great sensation last season and are still high, and when combined with the gladiator can form a super interesting and modern look.