Glitter Trash T Shirts For Trump, For Hillary

In the US election campaign involved renowned textile companies. The merchandise will help to financially support candidates. Clinton is in favor of the top designers. For Trump, no one of the stars of fashion will give a shirt.
Hillary Clinton is like all women in public offices: when she enter the political scene, it is to the catwalk. Every detail is commented by the Blazers to the shoes. While Chancellor Angela Merkel mostly ignored those voices and the British Prime Minister, Theresa May really walk in rhinestone-occupied Leopard pumps in a cabinet meeting, Clinton their often ridiculed preference uses ironically for trouser suits for the campaign: In the online shop, the Democratic presidential candidate sells T-Shirts with printed lapel, buttons, pockets, Pearl Necklace and “Hillary”-button.The trouser suit shirt costs $30. If you want more variety, dodging on a black, printed with six colorful pants suits model. “Why one choose, if you can wear all at once?”, so the description of the product.
Clinton’s favorite look is emerging in the Kampagnen shop of their opponents of Donald Trump : here glows red on white T-Shirts, the suit caption reads: “Liar, liar, pantsuit on fire!” Another T-Shirt shows the lettering “Threergroup” – the “liar” for “Liar” is highlighted in red.Clinton, however, holds back elegantly with hostilities. In her collection, just a trump critical slogan is: “Love trumps hate”, love is hate, designed by a designer named Pamela Love. The merchandise with the slogan being given away to Clinton supporters, to bring the message among the people.
General merchandising serve, generating small donations, says Julius van de Laar, head of campaigning for Academy Berlin. He had worked in 2008 and 2012 in Barack Obama’s campaign team. An entire campaign let though by selling T-Shirts, stickers and coffee mugs not finance themselves, says the strategy consultant. But for the image of the candidate, they played a big role. “Obama brought the on line merchandising to a whole new level, at that time was a real cult around him as a brand.” Also the products motivated the volunteers: “the campaign offices are fully decorated, it is important for the identification of the helpers with the campaign.”
Which totals take Clinton and Trump with the sale of merchandise, is not known, the revenues are accounted for as donations. Whether they come from the merchandising or are direct donations, must not disclose the candidates, says Christian J. Hill and of the Commission for campaign finance in Washington: “The total amount of a person for a campaign product issues, considered donation.” Exceeds the sum of individual contributions of a person but a period of two years to the limit of $200, the name of the donor must be specified and whether he directly or by purchasing T-Shirts, has supported the campaign stickers & co.

The U.S. Campaign as a Large, Colorful Show

T-Shirts with printed Angela Merkel Blazers are hard to imagine in the Bundestag election campaign. The image of the US election campaign as a large, colorful show enhances the marketing of Clinton and Trump. “Of course party conferences and rallies in the United States are much more staged than in Germany. But a lot of political substance is in speeches by Obama and Clinton, one should not overlook that”, says van de Laar. Broadcasts of such events and TV spots were also very important, because it was not possible to hang election posters across the country. That serve as a replacement “yard signs”, the signs that make up individuals in their front gardens – or just merchandise.
It must be above all friendly service: Trump sets apart swipes on Clinton either his name or the slogan “make America great again” on T-Shirts and baseball caps, he even likes to wears. Thus he meet exactly the taste of his supporters, says van de Laar. Clinton also operated a target group deliberately, namely women. In addition to pillow, “is the place of a woman in the White House” is embroidered on the, she sold bags with the logo “Girls just wanna have fun da mental rights” – women wanted equal rights and fun.
It is hard not the Democrat Clinton to win top designers for their merchandising.The T-Shirts adorned with flowers by Prabal Gurung, whose customers include Michelle Obama are already sold out. T-Shirts by Diane von Furstenberg and Marc Jacobs are available for $45 each.
York fashion week joined Jacobs on the new even in the glistening Hillary shirt on. The sportier version of the Kampagnenshop recently showed the model Kendall Jenner visibility on Twitter – as well as Anna Wintour, the influential editor-in-Chief of the US edition of the fashion magazine “Vogue”.
Wintour is a long-time supporter of the Democratic Party. She brought Hillary Clinton, then First Lady, in the middle of the Lewinsky scandal in 1993 on the “Vogue”-cover. Later, she recruited the first League of designers for Barack Obama’s on line shop. More recently she advises Clinton in choosing their outfits.If she had the idea to let Clinton figured out in a speech on equal pay have a 11,000 euro Jacket by Armani is unknown.
The merchandising for the image of the candidates is so important, determining it was not, says election expert van de Laar. The direct approach is still the most important: “no one is on November 8 select, because the co-worker has a T-Shirt with the Hillary logo or the neighbor are a shield in the garden. But the neighbor explains why he put up this sign and maybe even offered to drive together to the polling place, the odds.” Completely withdraw even he can be but not the charm of successful merchandising: to the sport he has still his Obama shirt 2008.