Google I/O 2015

The keynote of the Google I/o 2015 and it has left us many innovations, from Android to shine, a new operating system based on Android for the Internet of things. All the latest news as we have been telling them you can find them here.

  • Details of the new version of Android, Android
  • Android Pay, payments through the Google Mobile will come with Android M
  • The news of Android Wear that will arrive soon
  • Google with “Now on Tap ‘ for Android M will help us the moment right, anywhere
  • Google Announces Project Shine, its operating system for the Internet of things
  • Google photos, unlimited storage for all your photos
  • Google Maps offline will now be much more useful: navigation points and directions
  • Android continues to dominate the Smartphone market with more than one billion users
  • Android M Preview now available for Nexus 5, 6, 9 and Player
  • Android Wear also renewed is in this I/o 2015, although no major developments
  • Cardboard 2.0, virtual reality cheap and with more functionality than ever before