Google to Sell in North America Start Their Project Tango without Invitation for $512

When Google purchased Lenovo Motorola early last year, stayed with the division Motorola ATAP (Group of advanced technology and projects), that after going to call Google ATAP introduced him to the world in February last year his Tango Project, a project that was intended to equip mobile devices with 3D cameras as the Microsoft Kinect.
As you did with the first prototypes of Google Glass, Google began selling its first tablet for developers of the Tango Project developed together with LG for a price of $1,024 more the need to require an invitation to buy. In April the price of this device fell by half, and today for the first time the American developers they can begin to buy it [without] (our site/2015/05/27/google-begins-selling-project-tango-tablet-invitation-free-for-512/) any kind of invitation.

A year of quiet progress

Project Tango takes almost a year in the shade and quietly, but his promise that a mobile phone or tablet can analyze our around with his motion tracking camera and a depth sensor makes it a project that we do not forget. Mostly because it is a technology that could have much to say in the future.
The device, which is also known as a kit for developers, comes equipped with a 7 inch screen, processor NVIDIA Tegra K1, 4GB RAM, 128GB of internal memory, WiFi, BTLE, 4G LTE, 120 degrees, 4 megapixel rear camera front camera and the aforementioned motion tracking camera and depth sensor.
Now users with access to the North American Google Store may be made with one of these tablets for 512 dollars without an invitation. Should we consider a possibility that Google release sale a few hours that start the Google I/o, or perhaps it is a sign that we will have more information of Project Tango during the Conference?