GoPro Hero4 Launched: Actioncam with 4 K-Power

On Sunday the new Hardy GoPros will find their way to Denmark. Now with touch screen or 4 k video.
GoPro builds their self-created niche for action-cameras. On Sunday the fourth generation will make their foray and bid on two coveted features: 4 k-video or touchdisplay.
The series contains three steps: Black and Silver Edition and HERO. They share all along the rugged exterior that has made the series popular with action-the people. Black and Silver can take pictures in 12 megapixels, while the HERO must make do with photos at 5 MP.
Black and Silver want to share dimensions and extra equipment with its predecessor Hero 3+, with the battery as the only exception.

Touch-screen or 4 k

Hero4-flagship will be, as before, ‘ Black’-edition. It will offer video with 4 k resolution at 30 frames/second.Thus, they will be more useful than in its predecessor, sharp movie, which might be limited to choppy videos with 15 images/sec.
Lowered resolution to 2, 7 k (2704×1520) Hero4 Black will capture video at 50 frames/second and ensure more fluid action. For slow-motion effects can be lowered to Full HD resolution at 120 frames per second, equivalent to 5 x slow-mo.
Audio recordings also gets a boost in the Black Edition. The new microphones can pride itself on having twice as high dynamics than in its predecessor.
Where Black Edition is intended for advanced film projects is the cheaper Silver Edition on the other hand, more hands-on. Most useful will be the new touch screen, like the Black-edition owners must look far after. With it you can now see what you’re shooting, and play it directly on the GoPro Silver.
Setup will be easier, since you no longer have to navigate through the menus via the buttons.
Silver will not bid on the same frame rates as topmodelen. 4 k will be incorporated in a maximum of 15 frames/second, while Full HD and HD footage is limited to respectively 60 and 120 frames/second.
Last member of the family will be HERO. Here passed over both the slow-motion functions and interchangeable camera body. The battery is built-in and therefore limited to Full HD videos at 30 frames/second.

New software features and price

There are also new thinking on the way to the ProTune software. The maximum light sensitivity (ISO), as well as color saturation and exposure can now be set in advance.
For indoor or night shots, are two new modes available: Night Lapse and Night Photo. Here you can extend exposure times to secure well-lit videos and time-lapses when it is dark.
GoPro Hero4 gets debut on 5 November. October, but can be booked already now at our site.
Price DKK 3,699 respectively, lands on the 2,899 DKK DKK 999 and for Black, Silver and HERO.