Gossip Girl Trend: Pink Shoes – Think pink!

The “Gossip Girls” are freshly in love:in their pink shoes. fem.com knows where the star trend is.
The most fashionable bye-bye to summer: At the current shooting in New York, “Gossip Girl”Leighton Meester now with pink high heels on his feet.The idea comes from Eric Daman, the crazy serial stylist – and his darlings love it.Because the fem.com editorial team is totally fond of the look, here are two particularly beautiful copies for online shopping.
Pink shoes for the advanced
According to cyclingenthusiasm, pink shoes can be combined wildly only a Gossip Girl can afford. The bouncy kickers are already a statement, especially if they are as detailed as the plateau sandals by Diane von Fürstenberg (for 160 euros, seen at our site).”So pretty” – the binding tapes of satin – and “so pink”!
Pink for beginners
Do you want to start gently? No problem, in the current collection of Michael Kors you find, quite Louboutin-like, black pumps with pink heel (for 198 euros, seen at our site). You can also combine them in color if you are not called Leighton Meester or Blake Lively.
Fancy the “Gossip Girl” -Look? With one click on your favorite shoes, you can immediately land in the matching online shop.