Growth In The Smartphone Market Slowed

Sales of smartphones shot up in the past few years, because more and more people in emerging markets on computer phones increased. But now there are signs of saturation-and higher quality devices become more popular.
The once-explosive growth of smartphone sales flattens markedly according to market researchers. The analysis firm IDC anticipates an increase by 11.3 percent to 1.45 billion computer phones for this year. Last year, there had been even a growth of more than 27 percent.

The trend, including a glut in the world’s largest smartphone market contributing China, IDC said. There, the sales are likely to rise only by 2.5 percent this year. That will slow the sales growth for Android devices – IDC predicts a 8.5 percent plus lower than market average. Android will come by 2015 but still on a market share of more than 79 percent.
The market researchers at 16.4 per cent see Apple. Because the Group sells only high-priced iPhones, he secures a large part of the profits in the industry for years. To the year 2019, IDC Android sees continued with a market share of 79 percent and Apple at 14.2 percent. Microsoft Windows currently 3.2 to 5.4 per cent to put as a third force. The annual smartphone sales will rise by then to 1.93 billion devices.
The second major IT market researcher Gartner went out for 2015 in its forecast at the beginning of the year by a plus by a fifth on 1.5 billion smartphones. Currently we work on an update, said Wednesday the responsible analyst Anshul Gupta. For the first quarter, Gartner calculated a sales growth of 19.3 percent to 336 million smartphones sold. Growth drivers are markets such as Indonesia and India. According to Gupta, you are likely to fuel the business in the near future.
At the same time, there is a trend towards more expensive devices, even in China, the analyst said. Replacement purchases for simple smartphones were the reason. On this wave, Apple became surprisingly the largest supplier in the Chinese market in the first quarter. The world’s largest manufacturer Samsung was despite a drop of in market share year on year as well in the business and should not be transcribed, Gupta stressed.
In assessing the prospects for Windows in the Smartphone business, market researchers had miscalculated a few years ago, the expert acknowledged. It was assumed that will bring more manufacturers of Windows phones on the market and there is a wide range of apps. Therefore, it was assumed at that time for the year 2011 of market share by 15 to 20 percent – actually Windows smartphones came in the last quarter to 2.5 percent. With the new Windows of 10, which is to provide a unified platform for all kinds of devices, Microsoft could get something, Gupta is suspected. (dpa) / (jd)