Guide to Winter Boots

Many parts of Germany have already seen the first snow in this winter and also Frost there already. So it’s time to equip themselves with warm winter shoes. Snow-covered paths, smooth roads and wet sidewalks are everyday challenges, must withstand a winter shoe.In addition, the new boat for the winter should be warm too and look good. How does man now so find the right boots?
First man must be clear, what is with him in the foreground. The style or functionality, which probably also depends on local factors. If you come from the North, is pleased with the fine ice crystals less frequently and may therefore perhaps more on the style set. Who comes from the South or maybe even from Austria or Switzerland should provide the functionality to the fore, because sometimes can be a style also the best bad look, as if you’re with your great snowshoes with Crepe sole on überfrorenem cobbled streets and take the one or the other time in contact with the ground.
The Functional Boots
Boots at the start, right holding what must face so snow, ice and slush. They must be sturdy and functional. Instead of a crepe sole, which is very common when desert boots need a good lug sole. A Lug sole is a thick rubber sole with deep profile, which keep you stable on my feet also on slippery ground. A robust boot best slightly towards worker boat as Red Wings, Timberland and co. fits naturally to this sole
Optimally, the sturdy boots can be worn with thick socks to thick jeans with a lumberjack shirt or but also thick knit. Main thing seems robust and not too fine.
The Stylish Boots
Who only according to the style goes, should be aware, that, perhaps, will be the one or the other situation in which he would have been better off with the functional boat. However, there is a huge selection of great boots that make a decision isn’t easy. There’s just more classic boots only rarely with a lug sole, which must be compatible even with the simple shoe. You should look for when buying essential, that the sole provides at least a little profile and is not completely smooth, like for example a leather sole. A good middle ground is perhaps a Vibram sole.
If you choose the elegant, classic boots, can combine it with jeans and knitwear. An authentic look at to keep the socks in the winter boots should be not too coarse. Unlike when the worker boots you can wear also fine knitwear and back access to more classic pieces of clothing such as a simple shirt or a finely-knitted Cardigan.
For the winter, we recommend to have at least a few boats offering a sole with an appropriate profile.Dirty, wet and cold winter days there to everywhere was sufficient and then mess up the noble boots is also not the best. Of course, to have several pairs to adapt ideally to the weather is perfect.