Half Moon Nail Manicure

The fashions in nail trends never ceases to amaze.
Today we are featuring a trend that comes back from the past and that is to deliver the french upside down!
This particular nail art is called Half Moon, otherwise known as Gatsby or Cuban Manicure.
The nail art is to create a half-moon top of a different color than the rest of the nail, a bi-very original color and chic effect!
To revive this fashion, which was in vogue in America already in the ’30s and’ 50s, it was the star of burlesque Dita Von Teese. The pin up has also launched a personal line of false nails with Half Moon, called Kiss Nails, of various colors and sizes. A tribute to the past to give the manicure charming and classy!
The painted nails with Half Moon have recently seen depopulate also on high fashion runways, including the models of Ruffian, Dior and Chanel. They are also seen on many stars!
Ruffian serves Hal Moon that is not inverted, but will return to the nail curve, other styles provide half moon in half the nail instead of the hairline. But the Half Moon Manicure most fashionable is certainly that branded Chanel!
How to make sure this innovative DIY nail art? Doing so is simple, according to ask4beauty.com, just obtain a simple saves holes, those that are used in the ring notebooks, or alternatively the lunettes for the french.
It extends a light glaze as a base all over the nail. Is allowed to dry, then take the save holes and placed on top of the nails on the side reversed, so that the half moon covering the upper part of the nail. It then extends the dark nail polish on the bottom, it removes the bezel and left to dry. It then extends the transparent top coat, and you’re done!
Now you can also revel in creating the Half Moon Manicure! All it takes to be trendy!