Handbags-Firmly on Their Side

Birkin or Kelly? In her book “For the Love of Bags”, the most popular handbags of yesteryear presents Julia Werner and reveals how social media fire on the success of the accessories.
Mirror ON LINE: In your photo book classic and unusual handbags imagine, for example, the Kelly Bag and more well known models from other international labels. One has provoked a decision of the District Court Erding even 2012. Why?
Werner: Right, that was the knuckle clutch by Alexander McQueen. The grip is inspired by a brass knuckles. Customs officials at Munich Airport seized them, because they thought they could use the bag as a weapon. The wearer sued, the Court noted that the grip is actually just a grip. The woman regained her bag. The knuckle clutch but not only about that caused a conversation piece, she was just a spectacular model.
Julia Werner, born in 1979, is style columnist for the Southgerman newspaper and since July 2015, Deputy Editor in Chief of German glamour. Werner lived and worked for five years in Florence, the Centre of the international leather art.
Mirror ON LINE: Designers need to create such models to get noticed or do’s and classic bags?
Werner: As a designer thinking now more products on a photo will look like. A well-made Street style photo is today just as valuable as an elaborate advertising campaign – and pictures of a particularly eye-catching bag spread much faster on the Internet. So the model is known and the interest of the people. Two years ago, for example, the conversation bags came up, so surreal bags that look like corn flakes packages or station clocks that were quickly disseminated on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
Mirror ON LINE: Have you written so a chapter about pockets, which have put people on their social media channels?
Werner: Yes, we wanted to show what bags as a particularly important role to play for example the models of Italian designer Paula Cademartori. Their bags are very playful, have elaborate marquetry and applications and notice just in photos. Street style icons like Anna Dello Russo began to carry bags of designer, their supporters on Instagram grew rapidly.
Mirror ON LINE: In your book, you can see also the craft of a Taboon is how fascinating.
Werner: It was important to show this page. I love it, feel bags. There’s a lot of work: the Kelly Bag by Hermes is, for example, top sealed with wax on the edges, the bags repeats this process again and again, until the surface is very smooth. It is fascinating to watch. Other labels do that also, but with this precision. Unfortunately the appreciation for this work is becoming more and more lost.
Mirror ONLINE: Why?
Werner: Social media and blogs are so great, often it comes only as pockets work or look – and not, what is the story behind. Fortunately, some traditional fashion house invest very much in the education of their bags. They know that the craft is their DNA and they can supply only so this high quality.
Mirror ON LINE: What is the profit margin of such designer bags?
Werner: You are extremely high. Material and labor costs are but a fraction of the retail price in many cases. For that you get, but exceptional design and it has indeed its value. Fashion houses spend also exorbitant sums of money for marketing, which begins with a fashion show.
Mirror ON LINE: The trapezoidal Kelly Bag with a handle, the spacious, casual Birkin Bag with two handles, the small square Lady Dior – all icons thanks to women like Grace Kelly, Jane Birkin and Lady Diana. Are bags only thanks to famous personalities known?
Werner: I think this already. The Kelly Bag has been designed already in the 1930s, at the time no one for it was interested in. Only when she discovered Grace Kelly, recognized its potential. Unfortunately, too many people look at bags than pure status symbol, they buy a model in all colors and to imagine something. This is true especially for the Kelly Bag. The best players are those who find such a treasure at the flea market, to scrape together money for it and to endorse the bag.
Mirror On line: Why?
Werner: They combine the bag with her clothing and personal accessories and bring her to life. The nice thing about these vintage bags, Yes, is that they have already an own patina, so scratches and bumps. That makes them unique.
Mirror ON LINE: Can you seriously find a Kelly Bag at the flea market?
Werner: I saw one time at a flea market in Saint Tropez. The seller wanted to 1300 euro have – a bargain when you consider that the vintage prices for them are much higher. Unfortunately I had not enough cash.
Mirror ON LINE: What is your favorite bag?
Werner: This is probably the Constance by Hermes – a small simple Messenger bag with a H as a buckle. But I also think that a nice bag need not be expensive. I have, for example, several Mochilas, colorful crochet bags with tassels and tassels, I like to wear in the summer. These models come from South America, they are beautiful and have well under 100 euros.