Happy Street, Gradually Improves a Street Full of Anthropomorphic Animals

Since the launch and subsequent popularity of Tiny Tower has been a large increase in the games of management time and resources that are based on the progress of a building on a street in horizontal or vertical. Haven’t we find practically none that would project in one way or another, and therefore find us with Happy Street It has been little more than a pleasant surprise.
Happy Street we will see as a humble Fox meets a Wolf and decided to establish a town with their respective homes and businesses, meeting the needs of all the inhabitants. We will have to build houses that serve as accommodation for residents who will spend their money in businesses that we will have to replenish the stock periodically.
But it is not as simple as that, because There are many additions with respect to games in the same style. In the first place is that both the characters and the houses and business have levels, increasing the money of the people, the value of the sales of each store and the number of inhabitants of a House. We can also make different actions that we go into party mode, where there is a consumerist avalanche own a home of sales. We also have to fulfill missions, either getting objects, building certain buildings or with different actions.
Another point in favour is the visual style, which too reminiscent of Animal Crossing, but it does so extremely nice, all with a language where no cut in words like poop or make sure neighbors slip in bird droppings. It is a fun title that I highly recommend everyone to a game of time with a unique personality management. The game is free with a system of micropayments that will make us move faster, which will not be required for patient people

Happy Street

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: Godzilab Inc
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free
  • Category: Games

Discover a lively world where everybody is happy.
In Happy Street you will be able to build your own village, discover new places, make friends, play with mini games, fish, craft objects, collect resources and much more.