Hats, Gloves, Scarves: Winter Can Come

It does not take much longer and the temperatures finally climb below the 0 degree mark – the first snowflakes fall and it is time to pack in cuddly scarves and chic hats.But how do I know which cap is right for me and how I can actually determine my glove size?Below I show you the small 1×1 of our beloved Winter accessoires.

1. What type of cap is I?

Caps are available in countless shapes and colors.The choice is great;the right choice of the cap but not so easy.Which cap you stand depends on your face shape.
If you have an oval face, then you have the free selection on caps, because you have all types.The oval face is characterized by the fact that your face resembles an egg: up and down somewhat narrower.By this shape every hat looks good: beanie, bommel or caps with earcups.
People with a round face have full cheeks and overall very round contours.In order to interrupt the round form, you will find caps that are somewhat oblique and deep.
An angular facial shape is characterized above all by its pronounced chin section.You’ll find loose caps, which you should wear slightly obliquely to model a softer contour.
With a heart shaped face shape you have a wide forehead and cheek part but a pointed chin. There are caps with a loose as well as voluminous fit and caps with ear flaps.

2. How can I measure my glove size?

For the cold seasons we always have them with us: Gloves.Most people, however, do not even know which glove size they possess or how they can easily determine them.Particularly when purchasing chic leather gloves, it is important to know its size so that the glove fits perfectly.
The only size you need to determine your glove size is your hand size.Note, however, that the thumb is not included in the measurement.In a table, your hand size is then assigned the correct glove size.If you want to give your loved ones a few chic gloves for Christmas, then there is also a more discreet method.It is also possible to determine the size of the glove by means of the shoe size, since those with large feet have in most cases also large hands.

3. How can I tie my scarf?

Many people know the problem: you are standing in front of the mirror and do not know how to tie the scarf or the cloth.We show you in our Tücherserie how you can easily tie scarves and scarves.